Why You Should Buy A Handmade Ring

Handmade jewellery has boomed in popularity over recent years as we step away from mass produced items and fast fashion. Among the surge in handmade brands and online boutiques, you can find any item of jewellery from bangles to earrings. It’s also now extremely easy to procure a beautiful handcrafted ring that is ideal as a gift, present as an engagement ring, or to commemorate a special anniversary or occasion. Or of course, to treat yourself to!

Why You Should Buy A Handmade Ring

In case you need a little convincing, here are 7 reasons why you should buy a handmade ring, from sustainability to the accommodation of special ring sizes.

1.    Unique techniques

Handmade jewellery such as rings are crafted using traditional methods and unique techniques. By avoiding unnecessary machinery and lavishing time into each ring, these practices ensure that the piece is of high quality and that finer details can be etched into the band. It also means that any single band, whether it’s a cube ring, signet band or wedding ring, is a true one of a kind.

2.    Handmade has a story

Artisan jewellery always has a story behind it; just ask the team at your local boutique (or explore their social media stories) about the inspiration behind their collections. Designers glean ideas from distant countries, unique cultures, and remarkable shapes and techniques that they have come across over the course of their career to create accessories with depth.

3.    Higher quality

Higher quality

A handcrafted ring is more likely to be made with a quality metal as this level of attention to detail matters to designers. Rather than flimsy plated metals, designers use high quality gold vermeil as well as platinum and fine gold to create their pieces. The gemstones will be the real deal as well.

4.    Ethical standards

Handmade jewellery designers take more care to ensure that the entire supply chain of a ring is ethical. They will follow a code of conduct to ensure that mining and production techniques harm neither the natural world nor vulnerable communities. Whether you’re coveting a diamond or black onyx ring at your local boutique, do not be shy to enquire about where the stone was sourced and seek clarification.

5.    Commitment to sustainability

Commitment to sustainability

In addition to the ethical sourcing of raw materials, artisanal jewellery makers are more likely to recycle and upcycle materials wherever possible. They are also far more likely to use alternative packaging that does not rely on non-recyclables and single use plastics. This is perfect for environmentally conscious shoppers or gift recipients.

6.    Potential to customise

A handmade ring has far more potential customisation options in comparison with a mass produced alternative. This can be in terms of fitting a band with a specific gemstone, carving and engraving or taking special ring sizes into consideration.

7.    Better price point

Handmade jewellery is generally very affordable. Prices are a fraction higher than mass produced pieces due to the high quality and labour that goes into each piece, but they will not break the bank. Besides, that genuine black onyx ring will provide many decades, if not centuries, of wear.

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