Top Ten Luxury Hotel Trends for 2014

The luxury hospitality industry is an ever-changing environment as travellers become more savvy and sophisticated with their expectations and hotels compete to offer the clients only the very best experience.  Here are some trends you will be certain to see emerging this year in the luxury hotel industry:-

1. Get Some Sleep

There’s a new trend in town, and it’s displacing the age old idea that staying up all night was the best way to have fun.  Increasingly hotels are advertising themselves as the best place to get a good night’s sleep and are going out of their way to ensure this happens with additions such as complimentary aromatherapy selections, soft furnishings to ensure you can snuggle down in comfort and even massages to really help clients relax.

2. Let’s Soak

Gone are the complimentary tiny toiletries which you can expect to find in almost any hotel establishment worth it’s salt; in 2014 having your bath expertly drawn is the way forward.  Someone will come to your room and customise your bath with designer bath soaps and body products such as scrubs and oils.

3. Say Cheese

Bar carts have begun to make an appearance in hotel restaurants the world over, the idea being that rather than obtain drinks and/or a cheese plate at the bar as you would have once upon a time, you will instead receive it tableside.

4. Smart Concierge

Luxury hotels are getting in on the smartphone action this year, inviting guests to make their requests without having to say a word.  Instead of dialling ‘0’ to speak to the concierge, you will instead text your request to them and they will respond instantaneously.  This is perhaps a brilliant concept for busy hotel guests who haven’t got much time to spare, as it offers a quick way to contact hotel staff without having to wait around for someone to be available to speak to you directly.

5. All Aboard

This is one of the hottest travel trends in 2014; travelling by train.  Tour operators are offering more rail excursions to their packages in place of connecting flights.  It seems an ingenious idea as it allows travellers to experience more of the country they are visiting, rather than just seeing it from way above ground level.

6. Home From Home

One of the emerging trends which is rapidly gaining pace in luxury hotels is a home from home experience.  The very best in luxury hotels are aiming to offer their guests a more personalised visit which includes modern amenities such as full kitchens and open plan living areas as well as a place to sleep at night.

7. Fancy A Read?

Reading whilst away from home has gone one step further from simply grabbing a book at the airport; new partnerships between hotels and local literary companies will see guest bedrooms stocked with a number of publications which guests will be free to take home with them.  Some hotels are also looking into opening on-site libraries for their guests to enjoy.

8. Let’s Ride

Are you visiting a city and want to explore in style?  Why not borrow your hotel’s custom-made bike and really take things up a gear.  Hotels are teaming up with well known designers to create bicycles which represent the style of the hotel brand, which can be used by all the guests.  A clever advertising idea.

9. Room Service?

Room service has always been a tricky area; many people see it as an overpriced and unsatisfactory experience and it seems that some hotels are now seeking to solve their guests room service experience, by simply not offering one.  Some hotels have created links with local restaurants and food companies, making food available direct whilst others are simply encouraging their guests to go out and explore the local area, thereby creating a more ‘no strings attached’ approach to accommodation.

10. What About the Children?

It seems luxury hotels have cottoned on to the fact that little guests can be just as discerning as adult ones and this year sees the end of traditional kids clubs and the introduction of more unique experiences, such as in-house spa treatments for children and teens.

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