Things to do on the weekend in Cambridge


If you want a break from the hectic pace of living in London and are looking for a weekend getaway, there are a plethora of places to visit. From spending time in the countryside to exploring England’s lovely seaside towns there are a diverse array of fantastic places to escape to.

Those visitors and tourists to London done with visiting the top attractions in the city, and looking for options of spending the weekend in the countryside could choose between Cambridge or Oxford.  While both have their own unique attractions, Oxford has a more modern and fast-paced feel to it. Contrastingly, Cambridge is relaxed and laid back with an old world charm that makes it the perfect tranquil weekend getaway.

In terms of Cambridge accommodation, there are limited options in town. When it comes to hotels Cambridge offers both budget and luxury accommodation suited to a wide variety of travellers.

For those looking to stay in 4-star luxury and comfort the Tamburlaine hotel Cambridge is a great option in the centre of town.

It is close to the main attractions in town apart from great shopping and some of the best restaurants in Cambridge.

Some of the best things to do in Cambridge on the weekend are :

Go for a picnic: Cambridge like the rest of England has an abundance of green open spaces and parks to visit and explore. On a bright sunny day enjoy a picnic at any of these parks. Get a picnic hamper along with fine wine or champagne and soak up the sun in the relaxed environs of a park.

Try a punt tour: While Venice maybe synonymous with gondolas, Cambridge is equally famous for its traditional punts. These are flat-bottomed boats used to navigate the Cam River, which flows through Cambridge. It is a fabulous way to sightsee some of the best landmarks while floating leisurely in a chauffeured punt along the river.

Explore the university grounds: Cambridge’s iconic university comprises of 31 colleges, and a tour of its sprawling campus is a not-to-miss opportunity. The best way to explore all the fabulous attractions is to take a walking tour of the place. There are guided tours as well for those who want to learn about the history and culture of the place.

Grab a pint at a pub: If you want to enjoy a traditional pub experience Cambridge is the place to go pub hopping. Visit any of the popular old pubs in town, where you can enjoy the best of classic pub grub accompanied by the best of British lager. The city is home to some of the best pubs in the country and is where you will find well known Cambridge scholars pop in for a tipple!

Explore its many chapels and churches: Cambridge is renowned for its many ornate chapels and churches. These include the legendary King’s College Chapel an exceptional architectural achievement, St Mary the Great Church and St Peter’s Chapel etc.

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