The Five Best Plans to Have a Wonderful London Trip

London is one of the most beautiful, popular and amazing places on earth. You have chosen well if you want to go to London to have a relaxing, rejuvenating and yet, fun and exciting holiday experience. Filled with fantastic, unique tourist spots, destinations and places of interest, London is a city of many wonders and you will have the best possible vacation there, provided you plan everything properly. Any trip requires a certain level of good planning – and a trip to London is definitely included.

If you want to get the best out of your vacation in London, it is mandatory that you educate and inform yourself as much as possible and do not have any shortcomings. You need to do your research well beforehand. You need to know about the tourist spots and attractions which are must – visits; you need to know about the hotspots and the not-spots. Prepare a guide or itinerary of your own so that when you actually go to London, your trip is as hassle – free and less worrying as possible; and all of your planning and everything is done ahead of time.

Also important to note from before is the accommodation and hotel facilities. In order to be able to enjoy your stay to the fullest, you need to select a hotel among the best hotels in London. Enjoy the great facilities and services offered by a good hotel, in a perfect location, with beautiful, well – furnished rooms available, that too at affordable rates.

How to Plan the Trip

London, as mentioned before, is filled with amazing, exciting places to visit. Maybe your trip will go easier if you divide what you want to do in London. Here are a few of the things you can do in London, listed according to a broad category so you know which one catches your fancy and you can immediately choose such an itinerary for your stay.

  • Cultural and entertainment destinations for an enriching day out.

London, the capital city of England is among the world’s top and most popular cultural hubs. London’s theatres and showbiz centres feature world – famous, record – breaking musicals and extremely well acclaimed opera performances and so on and so forth.

Have a beautiful, memorable experience watching extremely popular musicals such as the Lion King, ‘Mamma Mia!’ and so on and so forth at some of London’s greatest theatres, known throughout Europe and beyond. The Novello Theatre, the Apollo Victoria Theatre and the Lyceum Theatre are just some of those places where you can enjoy such hit musicals. Alternatively, you can also pay homage to England’s dramatic traditions at places like the Old Vic, the Shakespeare’s Globe, or the National Theatre.

  • Experiencing Royal London

The regal, imperial charm associated with royal London is something synonymous with the capital city of Britain. You can immerse yourself in the glory and splendor of royal London and its undeniable charisma by visiting the extravagant rooms of the Buckingham Palace. You can also check out the world – famous phenomenon Changing of the Guard. Take a delightful walk through the royal Kensington Gardens and see the spectacular Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. You can also visit the lavish Kensington Palace.

  • Museums for a taste of history and heritage

London is one of the top places to enjoy heritage, culture and history. As the capital city of Britain, it is not hard to see why. Several famous museums are located all over London; you will be able to experience a delightful day checking out some of the world’s most beautiful and unique artworks, artifacts, unique antiquities and so on and so forth.

Retrace the heritage of the whole world at the British Museum, which houses artifacts, antiquities and unique objects from Babylon, Assyria, China, to name just a few. You can also visit the Victoria and Albert Museum for a taste of decorative art and beauty. Come face to face with a T-Rex at the legendary Natural History Museum. You can even find out more about the renowned red buses and other forms of different transport of London over the several years in the London Transport Museum. The Science Museum has on interactive displays documenting nearly 300 years of human progress and advances.

  • Art galleries for the artiste and enthusiast in you.

Art galleries in London are very famous too. You can check out renowned masterpieces by geniuses like Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci and so on at the National Gallery. The Royal Academy is extremely well – known and houses record – breaking, fantastic art shows. Also visit the National Portrait Gallery, Somerset House and so on for the feel of old London charm. Tate Modern is one of the world’s most famous museum – galleries that has fantastic, beautiful pieces of modern contemporary art on display.

  • For fun, exciting and adventurous sightseeing.

SEALIFE London Aquarium is one of Europe’s biggest collections of marine life. You can get all close with sea creatures and come face to face with a huge variety of different species of the animals of the deep blue sea.

The Warner Brothers Studio tour provides you exclusive access to the sets, props and costumes and so on of the Harry Potter movies, for you to leave the Muggle world and completely immerse yourself in the world of magic and wizardry.

The London Eye offers a most exciting ride, a tour basically of the entire city. A spiral tour that forms one of the most defining features of the London skyline, you can get in one of the capsules, which can hold up to 25 people, for an exciting half an hour of touring the entire city, several metres above the Thames.


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