Taking a Short Break in London with Art and Music

London is the land of the parks and the pubs. It is great time to enjoy at the place with the best of zeal. In London you have the best of restaurants and the nightclubs and you can even attend the exhibitions to have a look at the art forms. From here you can borrow the ideas and make the trip so meaningful and best. At the place you can contemplate at the art forms of Yayoi Kusama. He is the Japanese artist and the most notable writer. This is the perfect person to work at the college and his best of interest was to work with colors and patterns and he aspired to work with the concept of psychedelic colors.

To have a best enjoy with the art form you can take refuge at the Montcalm london City Suites. She was a real influence of the pop art giant and she was held responsible for the exhibition of paintings, sculptures and installations in various London places. There are great venues like Victoria Miro galleries on Wharf Road in Old Street and St George Street in Mayfair. To enter the place you don’t have to pay anything extra. To attend the venue you don’t have to stand in queues. You get an easy entry to the place.

The exhibition galleries remain open between 10am-6Pm between Tuesday-Saturday. Before the exhibition starts you can visit all the rooms and see the things at display. In fact, each room holds a different world with the best of surprises and exhibits. It is even great to watch the exhibits at the Sir John Soane’s museum. This is the best museum where you can watch out for the rare things. You can call the museum to be the historic house and the library holds the best of collections introduced by architect Sir John Soane.

From the time of his death the house has remained untouched and this has happened 180 years back. The atmosphere of the place is intimate and grand and here you find the best collection of the artworks and you can even find a wonderful array of the various artworks, sculptures, furniture and artefacts. At the place you find things more than the original. On the first Tuesday of the month the doors of the museum remain open from 6pm to 9pm and things seem excellent by the candlelight. The candles are displayed in the manner that the lights are made to fall on the collection exclusively. The admission to the place is absolutely free. However, the museum is a well-known one and for the reason if you do not reach the place early then you may have to wait in queue for your turn to enter the place.

Now, it is time to talk about the destination of Daydreaming with Stanley Kubrick. To give the place a perfect shape a partnership was made with Canon and here you get to see the art exhibition being openly influenced by the master film maker Stanley Kubrick. The door of the exhibition was opened on 6th July at the London venue and on 24rth August 2016 at the Somerset House venue. However, the second place remains close to the Temple Station.

This is the kind of musical exhibition being presented for the best entertainment for the audience. Here, you can view the unification of the music and the visual arts. This helps in creating the unique and the sort of multi-sensory experience. As part of the exhibition you find the line of disciplines and the list includes music, movies, fashion, photography, sculpture and painting. You even have the rest of the things to see and admire.

The exhibition is truly exciting and filled with the best of thrill. This is the best podium to represent visual arts in the unique way. This is also an innovative introduction for the music lovers. They are greatly entertained with the variety of the musical pieces and in the way the connoisseurs remain happy with the sort of musical representation at the exhibition so big and happening. The price for attending the exhibition is 12.50£and you can check the opening hours and it is 10am-6pm for all the seven days of the week. You just have to wait in queue in order to enter the museum in time and the rest is so perfect and thrilling experience for the music lovers and the spectators.

There are several surprises hidden in the city of London. It is time for you to unwind in the city with the bunch of wonders. In the way, you are made to feel so happy and entertained. If you want to attend the various exhibitions of London you can simply make a stay at the Montcalm London City Suites. Once you make a stay at the place, you can collect various information regarding the exhibitions being held in several parts of the London city.

In case, you are a true art adorner in London you don’t have to visit the museums or the exhibitions at random. There are more ways you can adopt to enjoy the art form. You can simply walk down the street and see the arts being displayed. In the way, you can happily enter the London districts to discover and admire the amazing forms of art and paintings. In fact, you have the group of the art presenters and they will help you get to know regarding how art can be showcased with innovation and simplicity.

You can visit the Shoreditch district of London and this is the area and this is the place where art is being presented in various forms. Once you walk down the lane you can find creativity being drawn on the walls of the street. With the interactive map in hand you can choose to have a free visit and the kind of Shoreditch tour will help you get an idea regarding the worth of the art form. Wherever you move on the street you simply cannot deny the exuberance of the special street art show of London.

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