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Big Cheese Wedding Cake, go ahead and celebrate

If you have a reason to celebrate, the cheesecakes are always ready to add spice. A wedding cannot be completed without a nice cheesecakes and London has got all the variety. In London you can see a variety of cheese cakes that can add value to your party. From simple cheese cakes to a big [...]

Top Inexpensive Things to Do in London

There is no doubt that London is one of the most expensive cities of the world. In all aspects of living or travel, whether you consider hotel rates, food prices or transportation costs – the price is relatively high. One of the main reasons for this, as compared to cities in other countries of the [...]

Book one of the hotels near Oxford Street for your shopaholic London trip

London is thronged by people from all across the globe who visit the city for many different purposes and one of them is shopping. London is one of the most iconic shopping capitals of the world and hence attracts a lot of tourists and fashioner’s who just can’t wait to slip into the latest fashion [...]

Join the Mass Weekly London Skate

Skating has always been a fun loving sport for common Londoners. People those who travel to the capital city also participate in street skating. Street skating is quite common in the city and you just have to wear on your skating shoes and get going. You can either skate alone or can walk along with [...]

Hotels Near Shoreditch Town Hall are Perfect for Events

Shoreditch finds mention in so many tourist reviews. Those who are interested in staying near the most important business centres and those who want direct access to cultural and arts heritage of London always try to find hotels near Shoreditch Town Hall. Town Hall in itself is a big tourist attraction. Not just tourists, but [...]