Soothing Spa Facilities in London

If you are looking to take a break which allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of every day life then why not consider a spa break in London?  Although it may seem odd to choose such a busy and vibrant city as a place to relax, the spa facilities in London are almost unrivalled.  Here are just some of the amazing experiences you shouldn’t do without when visiting a spa in the capital city:-


Saunas have pretty much become a staple facility in spas up and down the country and it is easy to see why; they have numerous health benefits and are increasingly being recommended by health professionals.  Just a few minutes in a sauna can assist the body in relaxing tense muscles and mentally reinvigorate and revitalise you.  Although many of us spend our days trying to reduce the amount of sweat our bodies release, it’s actually a pretty good thing to do!  Follow a trip to the sauna with an immediate cold shower and you will truly feel refreshed.

Steam Room

A steam room is very similar to a sauna in that it will make you hot, induce sweating and raise your heart rate.  However, the main difference is the level of humidity.  Whereas the air in a sauna is dry, in a steam room it is wet which can be beneficial for those with respiratory problems and for people who suffer with dry skin which may be exacerbated in a dry sauna.  Steam rooms are great for helping clear the throat, sinuses and nasal passages as well as providing similar benefits to those of a sauna.

Monsoon Shower

Monsoon showers have been created to emulate a light, tropical rainshower and should typically be enjoyed after a trip to the sauna or steam room.  Invigorating jet sprays of water improve blood circulation in the skin and the changing temperature of the water from lukewarm to hot and then back again leaves an overall sensation of relaxation.

Heated Loungers

These loungers are designed to help you relax with their constant temperature and contoured shape.  The heat is gentle, and it is thought that they allow a deep level of relaxation to be achieved.

Exercise Pool

Would any self-respecting spa not offer pool facilities?  Certainly having a pool as part of the spa increases and enhances the experience of visitors.  There are so many health benefits to exercising in water that it would be nigh on impossible to list them all here but certainly it is a great addition to any spa which seeks to allow its guest to relax and unwind.  Just thirty minutes in an exercise pool can help muscles to relax and tension to evaporate not to mention the endorphins your body will release which will ultimately leave you with a greater sense of wellbeing.

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