Princess Diana Memorial Fountain- A memoriam structure remembering her life

If British history and English culture excites you, then having a trip to the world capital is what you must look forward to. If you desire to send some leisure time in the city of London then you must look forward to visit the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain located in the city.

To the south of the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, lays an oval fountain of magnificent stature which is designed in memorial to a wonderful woman who had been an eminent name in the history of London for helping those in need. The tragic death of the woman was a blow to the British capital and she is remembered even today for her generosity, kindness and soft hearted nature. The woman being mentioned over here is none other than Princess Diana of Wales. She spent her time in the welfare of poor and needy children all over the world for offering them with relief and comfort. A fatal car crash was the reason being cutting her wonderful life short. The memorial of this great woman delights the history lovers who have inclination towards exploring the artistic exquisiteness across the globe. During your visit to London, you will be thrilled to find some amazing masterpieces of architecture swaying away your heart.

The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial fountain could be seen standing apart from others in remembrance of the exceptional life she led during her time. It is also being designed in order to recall us of the days and moments which she spent in the service of the poor and needy men.

This amazing piece of art was designed by the most popular American landscape artist Kathryn Gustafson. Around five hundred and forty five pieces of Cornish Granite comprised the Fountain and made it took the oval shape along with a steam bed which is fifty by eighty meters long and three to six meters wide. The smooth flowing of the water adds up to an elegant charm soothing the eyes of the on lookers. Some parts of the fountain has smooth surfaces denoting the happier aspects of her life whereas there are various deep indents which have been designed in order to depict the hardships which Princess Diana of Wales had gone through in her lifetime. There are three bridges over the water in the fountain which can make you reach the heart of the fountain quite conveniently. It is said that the bridges were created because the princess shared a bond of openness with the public. Owing to the intensive caring attitude with which she used to address her people was so much intriguing that everyone used to adore her the most. This is something which looks extremely captivating. The path of the fountain consists of different kinds of curvy steps, ad rills, pristine pool, etc. the fountain is a magnificent instance reflecting Princess Diana’s love for children. In fact, the little bundles of joy are said to enjoy playing around on the shallow waters of the fountain during their visit to the globally famous and widely recognized historic Royal Hyde Park.

For the first timers, who are looking forward to plan a holiday in the desirable travel destination of London will be delighted to spend their leisure time in the Hyde Park while experiencing the pleasant offering which this Royal Park has to offer. Among the various activities and soothing ambiance, what sets Hyde Park a famous travel spot is the presence of the historically popular Princess Diana of Wales Memorial Fountain which is a magnificent tribute to the life of the fantastic moment of England who had dedicated her life for the well being of needy kids hailing from different corners of the world. The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the capital city of England which attracts millions of travelers every year. Owing to the immense popularity of the fountain, each year a particular month has been determined for the maintenance of the fountain, so if you do not want to miss this historic site, make sure to do your research about the maintenance period on the internet and accordingly plan your holiday. Otherwise you will have to return without getting the glimpse of this exquisite historic site that has been enriching London tourism since ages.

The large oval shaped stone fountain was designed to signify the glorious free spirit of Princess Diana of Wales and her love of children. Queen Elizabeth II inaugurated the fountain in the year 2004. The main ambition for creating this stature was to make people aware of the various exquisiteness of her life. Life was never been that easy for the Princess of Wales. All these have been beautifully engraved in order to come up with something which is as pristine as the fountain. The fountain has gone through several stages of development before taking the shape of what it looks like at present. It is definitely an attraction worth witnessing during you stay in one of the cheap hotels in Hyde Park. If you are looking for a budget trip to this part of the European continent, then be prepared to unveil some of the stunning attractions embraced by the city’s exquisiteness without having to worry about the monetary issues. By staying at one of the cheap hotels in Hyde Park, you can easily make your way towards exploring some other exquisite travel destinations located in and around Hyde Park. The magnificent location of the Royal Park is something which compels the travelers to pay a visit to the Hyde Park which got impacted by the presence of this enriching structure in the form of a memorial to Diana, Princess of Wales.

The sides of the fountain are intended to depict the two aspects of the Princess’s life. Water beautifully gets pumped out from deep below which is meant to flow from the highest point down the two gently sloping sides of the oval shaped memorial fountain.

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