Navigating Options Around London During Tube Underground Strikes

In London, Underground Tube is the major transportation access which is used by thousands of Londoners every day to reach work in time and visit places. Underground Tube has a network all around the city and forms the basis of transportation options for many people. Thus, there is no denying the fact that one day strike of Underground Tube might be the worst nightmare for any Londoner.

However, just like any other city, London too experiences strikes and the worst of them is Underground Tube strike. It too can have a profound effect on your life if you are visiting this place and going through a tube strike at the same time. Being a smart traveler, you need to be on the safe side and make the most of your visit, no matter Underground Tube is not working.

There are some options that you can avail in case, of any Tube strike in the city and this will also help you from saving a well planned out day in the city in falling into crumbles.

Walking Around The City
Though it is one of the last and most unlikely options that you will go for, but walking around London and visiting different places is fun. And many that have walked around the city earlier on Tube strike day have confessed to discover a different city that otherwise would have been impossible. Through working, you will be able to visit parks, explore wildlife and admire the beauty of nature and most importantly, visit places that you have every day passed by but have ignored.

No matter, whether you are staying at Shaftesbury Metropolis London Hyde Park Hotel or any other place, walking is always delightful as you get to know the city better unlike through any other means of transportation. Walking becomes and discovery in itself as you will be able to walk down those streets and eat in those restaurants that you never thought existed till date.

You will be able to discover an all new city and all new destinations and all by walking. It is a great new experience which you can have on a strike’s day and plan out the unexpected in this very city. You can also opt for central London hotels special offers and walk around less visited places of the city that usually stays unexplored.

Cycling In London
Cycling is already a trend in London, and a group of cyclists came with this new idea and started using bikes whenever London is on Underground Tube strike. And being a visitor in this city, it is also great for you to cycle through all the important landmarks of the city in a congestion-free environment. The best part is, you will be able to skip those overloaded buses that stay usually crowded on an Underground Tube strike’s day.

You will find dozens of bike hiring dockets in the city, which will help you resolve the problem of navigating through the city. However, you must keep one thing in mind that during strike it is hard to get bikes in the hiring dockets as both visitors and Londoners tries to get hold of a bike in desperation to navigate through the city.

One of the great things about hiring bicycle is, trips those last less than half an hour comes for free, and you can follow the guide from hiring stations and have a good carefree day at London with sightseeing options as well.

Buses And Taxis
Finding an empty taxi cab during a strike is possible only when you are lucky. Also, if you are trying to get to the airport then, it is one bet possible option you have. It is not quite practical to roam around the city with your luggage on a strike’s day walking or in a cycle. Getting a taxi cab comes in handy.

You will be relieved to hear that London Transport tends to provide much stronger services when subway services are closed. It is likely that you will get more buses, and it is a good option when you are looking transportation services for sightseeing. Try to avoid the rush hour and try to catch a bus either before the rush hour starts or after that.

Opting Water Bus And Water Taxi
Being a tourist, you also have the option to discover the real London, which exists and often ignored, is through water taxi service. This transportation access is less availed, and an Underground Tube strike gives you the best opportunity to go for this service. The Water Taxi runs between Camden to Little Venice, and you can catch up with one and go for sightseeing in and around those places.  If it helps your journey, then you can also go for Woolwich ferry that runs between Woolwich and North Woolwich.

Hiring A Helicopter
Though, it is not a very budget friendly option but, still, it is another option that you can go for. If you can afford it and goes with the places that you want to see or how you want to see it then, helicopter rides will be a fine ride for you. It best part is, you will get spectacular views of London from such great heights. Battersea Helicopter hire is one such company from where you can take a helicopter and navigate through London.

Getting On A Train
Another best alternative of Underground Tube is Railway network, though; they are entirely different from one another. You can expect them to be still running when the Tube is down on service. Before planning your day, you can check the train schedules online and get the ones that will help you reach your destination.

On a day of a strike, you must expect, more people traveling through overground railways and thus, be prepared for it to be crowded. For a more comfortable journey, you avoid the rush hour and take the train to your required destination.

If you plan your day properly and keep in mind the places that you want to visit, then, navigation through city is possible, and it will Tube strike is not likely to affect you.

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