London Christmas ice skating venue one cannot miss

If you are in London this Christmas then there are many ice skating rinks that can satisfy your ice skating bugs. London is known to be a historic and beautiful city and England, even though it has a lot of history in its basket, it does not miss to indulge in some extremely fun activities. There are a lot of traditional festivals that are celebrated round the year with equal enthusiasm and fun. Festivities are undertaken in both modern as well as traditional ways that is one of the reasons in attracting millions of people from around the globe.

As London is known for celebrating its festivals in style as well as with traditions, among all the occasions, Christmas is the biggest occasion that takes place in the city. Religious processions, chorals, readings and traditional carol singing takes place at various locations such as St Martin, Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Westminster Abbey. Moreover, the traditional movies and skits are presented in the most renowned theaters in London, including The Hackney Empire and The Beck Theatre. However, the highlight among all of this is that you can take pleasure in a number of winter sports including ice skating that can be carried out at various venues in London.

The ice rinks hosted on the property of the Natural History Museum is among the most popular rinks in the city. This ice skating rink attracts both international and domestic visitors because of its spectacular 1,00 square meters rink. The overall ice rink makes a very beautiful and stunning spot for skating. If you cannot skate, there is nothing to feel bad about as watching other’s skate while enjoying the festival food and drink is equally enjoyable. If you are worried that your child may be conscious while skating with adults, then you do not have to worry as there is a separate rink available for juniors as well.

The Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is among the other best open air ice skating rinks in the city. The skating in this venue takes place in three different sessions, namely evening, afternoon and morning. Hence, the ones that love skating in the night can participate in the evening session and skate till late night. You can take pleasure in order activities as well other than skating in this particular venue.

The Somerset House in London as well as hosts an open-air rink for ice skating and is among the most spectacular and beautiful rinks in Britain. This surely makes a great venue for ice-skating that can be done both in the evening as well as in the day. What makes this venue, so special is the lovely decorations that surround the entire rink.

If you are in London during the Christmas season, chances are that you will be getting great discounts and offers on hotel accommodations due to the festive season. There are many different places that people prefer to stay at, and it entirely depends on the taste and preference of individuals. There are also many different reasons as to why the majority of the tourist population likes staying the Kensington area of London.

Kensington hotel, or hotels in this area are so popular because of the tactical location of this place. All the places of interest along with the economic centers are inĀ  proximity from Kensington.

Depending on the requirement of people, there are many different types of hotels available here. Kensington attracts the majority of business and well as tourists because this part of London is renowned to be like the most affluent, sophisticated and posh areas of the city. This is also an area where the members of the royal family, film stars, celebrities, top-level executives, rich business owners and the traditionally rich people reside. Hence, being an expensive and affluent area, it does not have any shortage of different types of hotels mostly luxury hotels. One such luxury hotel over here is the London Premier Kensington hotel which is a jewel among the Shaftesbury group of hotels. The hotel is synonymous for luxury and style. It provides the guests with the best facilities and amenities that can ever be imagined.

Among the other reasons as to why people prefer staying in this hotel is because it is tactically situated in central London and is close to most of the business offices and tourist attractions. The other things that are close to this hotel are shopping districts of the city, as well as various cultural centers. Hence, while staying at this hotel, you will be minutes away from all the ideal location.

In addition, while staying in this hotel the guests can walk to most of the tourist attractions which makes it highly connected and hence also reduces your overall costs of travel. Most of the plush restaurants are also at a walk away that serves different varieties of cuisines. You can take pleasure in a great meal at these different restaurants offering from Continental, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Italian whatever that suits your taste buds. Some of the most popular pubs and bars are as well situated in the vicinity along with great clubs wherein you can experience the exotic and exciting nightlife in London.

If shopping is something that you cannot resist and you love indulging in high brands, then the shopping districts of Oxford Street and Kensington High Street are the aptest places for you. Both these locations are situated very close to the hotel and can be reached by a short bus or tube ride making it a perfect shopping day out. These two places are known to be world famous streets when it comes to shopping and selling the best brands available. You will find many high-end stores, fashion boutiques and up-market chains that are situated on the King’s Road which is also close to the hotel. All in all staying in this property is a win-win situation for you.a

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