List of Must – Have Travel Essentials

While at home, we usually have pretty much all that we need for our daily needs but when we are travelling, it is well-nigh impossible to carry all our belongings and as such it becomes essential to make a list of must-have essentials and carry only those items with you for an enjoyable and hassle-free trip. Most of us often forget to take an essential item that we really need with us leading to frustration although it may be possible to buy the item at your intended destination but what would you ultimately do with two cameras, for example.

Some of the travel essentials are on everyone’s fingertips such as your passport, money, cards and your clothes. But there are many more items that are essential for making your trip a lot more convenient and hassle-free. The items that you would not like to leave home without are listed below.

Electronic Gadgets

The world of electronics has seen massive technological developments in the recent past and life has become extremely convenient as the latest devices can help us perform many of our tasks in a much easier and quicker way. Irrespective of whether you are going on a business or pleasure trip, it has become essential to carry with you certain electronic devices such as mobile phone, digital camera and tablet or laptop. These items are no longer for show only as they have become a necessity in this digital age. Many people find the Apple 13.3 inch MacBook Air to be ultrafast and light and absolutely a wonderful gadget to have with them. Another recommended item is the Nikon COOLPIX Aw120 Waterproof/shockproof camera that is considered by many photography websites as the best robust camera. A water-resistant neoprene laptop sleeve would provide safety to your laptop while travelling. A skin for your keypad would also be a useful item to take with you.

It would also be convenient to carry a Passport Ultra 1TB that would keep your photos and documents backed up on something lightweight that can be password protected. It is a good idea to purchase two of them and keep one back home just in case you lose the one that you are carrying. Moreover, for people travelling from UK to Europe or to America, it is essential to carry travel adapters so that the electronic gadgets and other electrical items can be used because of the different voltages of electricity that are in use in different countries.

Luggage Accessories

There are many luggage accessories that can make your travel most convenient and keep your luggage safe and secure. Many travellers like to travel with a Pacsafe Metrosafe Shoulder Bag that may be a little expensive but is 100 percent theft proof. It is a great day bag that comes with multiple lockable apartments and a cut-proof wire in the strap. As such, it will thwart the attempts of many miscreants especially in South-east Asian countries. A GO TRAVEL combination link lock is also essential to have as it has a combo wire lock to secure the bag to anything. An Overboard Water Proof Bag is ideal for people who wish to indulge in water sports or spend time at the beach. This can be carried while kayaking and into the ocean so that belongings need not be left unattended at the beach. It keeps floating on the water while keeping your things safe and dry. The other essential luggage accessories are locks, digital luggage scale that will enable you to know the weight of your luggage, luggage straps and tags. Tags come in handy in the event that your bags get lost.


Most of us like to use our own toiletries and as such it is essential that all that you need is available with you while you are travelling. The toiletry items depend basically on your gender and likings. Items like toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, shaving cream, shaving brush, soap and nail clippers are commonplace items that most of us remember to carry. Even if you forget any of these items, it is not difficult or expensive to buy them at the destination place. For the fairer sex, however, there are a lot more items that are essential such as sunscreen, lip balm and moisturiser, make-up accessories and a compact toiletry bag that can be carried in the purse or in a small carry-on tote.


It is essential to make sure that you carry your vital travel documents which most people rarely forget to take with them. These include items such as passports, airline tickets and hotel reservations. In some cases, travel insurance and health documents may be needed. If you are travelling to London, staying at discount executive rooms Knaresborough place would be most suitable as you can stay in a comfortable accommodation at an affordable cost. Moreover, you would be located close to most attractions of the city. It would be convenient to make advance booking and carry a print-out of the hotel reservation.


If you have to take certain medicines on a regular basis for a particular medical condition, it would be necessary to take sufficient stock of the medicines along with a little bit extra in case you have to overstay at the place. In many countries, it may be difficult get medicines over the counter if you do not have a local prescription.

Clothing Items

Whereas most people remember to take their essential clothing items, many of them do not take particular items that would be suitable for the weather or for the local conditions. If you are planning to spend some time at the beach or if you are planning to go mountaineering or if you wish to spend your evenings at a posh restaurant or pub, you need to carry suitable clothing for each use. You should also have a spare towel in case the hotel does not provide a towel.

It is best to make a check-list in advance and then pack your travelling items accordingly.

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