Less known facts about Oxford Street

London is not only famous for its world-class attractions but also offers the best in entertainment, culture and of course shopping. The city is home to some of the most iconic shopping spots like Oxford Street, Regent Street, and Knightsbridge etc. With iconic department stores like Harrods and Selfridges and numerous flagship stores selling the biggest brands, London is a haven for shopaholics.

If you intend to visit the city this summer keep a watch out for any of the London hotels special offers, a great way to save on accommodation costs.

If shopping is foremost on your mind when you visit why not choose to stay in Central London. The hotels near Oxford Street would be ideal and just a stone’s throw from the best shopping venues in town.

Selecting a hotel in Marble Arch would be ideal as not only would it be in close proximity to Oxford Street, but also offer easy access to the best attractions in town.

Some of the lesser known interesting facts about Oxford Street are:

The hidden coffee spot:  If you plan to shop at Topshop in the area preferably visit on a weekday, as it can get crowded with shoppers on the weekend. There is a restaurant within Topshop, EAT that most shoppers are not in the know about. A lovely place to pop in and enjoy a meal, after finishing a shopping spree at the store! In case you prefer just a snack, there is another joint selling refreshments on the ground floor, for a quick bite.

The concealed vantage point: If you want to get a great aerial view down Oxford Street from a vantage point, make a beeline to Debenhams’ fourth floor. It offers a wonderful aerial view of the area and the crowds down the street. If there are no large advertisement banners blocking the view when you visit you will get incredible views!

The secret getaway: If you visit Topshop and find the gaggle of people a little too much to handle on your way out, there is an alternate route to exit the place. Head for Miss Selfridge store, adjoining Topshop through a side door connecting both stores. You will reach the escalators and find a quick and easy getaway out of the place.

Shop cheap at Mango: A short stroll from Oxford Circus is the Mango Store a great place to shop for clothing items. While most know about the store not many are aware of another outlet on its second floor. Located at the back of the second floor it is the place to get the best-discounted deals, where they sell the previous season’s excess stock at throwaway prices.

Pop in at a concealed cinema: While this is not exactly on Oxford Street, just around the corner of Oxford Circus is a private cinema in this part of town. With plush leather seats and suede walls, it offers a very luxurious cinema experience. On Saturday nights they host a cinema club, so if you have finished shopping at Oxford Street, head over to chill out and watch a movie at the cinema.

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