How to Avoid the Travel Hacks in London

London is a big city and you need to stay careful every now and then from incidents of hacking. In fact, if you want to make most of the city tour you should not think of money. London is a land of diversity and seek ever corner you need to make use of contacts and guides. There are people to help you out in case you love to have true London exploration. You get everything in London to make life easy, you can try out the free apps at the place and you can simply avail for the top secret tourist trap alternatives.

If you have sought for an accommodation at the 5 Star Hotels London you have lots of enjoyment to accept and relish. You even get things for free in London. You can make the most of the stuffs to have a carefree living in this part of the world. You even have the city guides and the friendly locals to help you out. As a tourist you are made to feel good in London. You just have to avoid the hackers to have the most enjoyable living in this section of the world. Before you come to London you can make an idea about the city from the internet.

Online you will even come to about the things you should avoid and accept within the city limits. You should also save yourself from the travel hacks to have the easiest stay within the city of London. Internet will tell you the easy way out and you can even read things from this article to stay alert at the right time. There are some people all the time and everywhere to hack you and make you fool in the process. You should try to save yourself from this harmful population to stay in the hotels and streets of London

The first thing you should do is to skip the Heathrow Express. The same will help you reach to the center of the city just within fifteen minutes and then you would be knocked back for £36 for the return ticket. This is ridiculous. In case you are reaching Heathrow you can choose to go by the Piccadilly Line. This will take you less than £5 and you will find yourself within the city in just 50 minutes. In the way you can save lots of money with little extra time.

It is important to give a miss to the hop-on, hop off buses. In fact, London tourists are eager to get on the buses to take a look at the iconic landmarks. However, there are cheaper options available in this case. You can avail for the famous Red Buses in London and this is just like the DIY sightseeing tour. In this case one should try to go by route 11. This starts from the Liverpool Street and this is not far from the Spitalfields Market and from the famous Curry Houses of Brick Lane. The bus will pass by St. Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Westminster and the Chelsea. However the tour ends at Fulham Broadway.

In London it is always good to avoid the peak times of the day. In fact, you have to pay more during the rush hours and thus it would be wise to skip the time and choose a different hour of the day to travel by the city. When it is time for London to be busy you should avoid availing the Tube. In case, you want to save cash you can even make use of the travel card for the sort of hassle free journey.

In London it is good to have a stay at the Montcalm London Marble Arch Hotel. Nothing can be denied regarding the sophistication of the hotel. When staying in London you should make the most of the high life. You should always visit the Shard and from the place you would love to cherish the total and absolute London view. From the Shard you can have 360 degree views and you can see up to 40 miles in case the day is clear. To visit the Shard you have to pay a ticket of £26. It is a bit expensive and if things seems out of the pocket you can even try from the list of other things in London.

It is also important to get a cheap caffeine fix in London. For the kind of experience you can at best visit the Giraffe restaurant chain. Here you can get coffee for 50p and this you can get before the time of 10.30 on Wednesday mornings. There are happy myWaitrose card holders in London and with the use of the card they can enjoy a free coffee or tea at the time when they pop in the groceries.

In London, it is important for you to know where you can get free Wi-Fi. One can make the most of the Wi-Fi networks at Starbucks, Pret a Manger, EAT, Caffe Nero and McDonald’s. These are places where you can eat, sit and work for long hours and this is the place where you can take full advantage of the Wi-Fi connection. You even get the connection in all places of the financial district. For this it is important for you to get registered with The Cloud and this will not take much of your time. Staying connected will make your job easy.

In London you don’t have to pay for the drinks always. For this you should do the favour and take advantage of the forceful competition between the London fabulous drinking spots. In fact, these are the places designated for the purpose. For this you have to download the Drinki App and you can have a cocktail in exchange of the Facebook check-in. for the reason one can even make use of the Match Pint App in order to claim for the free pint and even for the discount you get to enjoy at the London pubs.

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