From Chewing to Rolling and Now Juicing

It is believed that tobacco originated in The Americas and was first reported upon around six thousand years ago.

As with any type of foliage, people would chew and test whether this was just another edible plant. It isn’t, as it has always been unpleasant to swallow. But that didn’t put people off as the soporific effect of the nicotine release made many addicted to the plant.

So, chewing was the norm for tobacco until the time many centuries later when someone discovered it could be chopped, rolled and lit.
This product became known as cigars or cigarillos. It was only a couple of hundred years ago that paper was used instead of a whole outer tobacco leaf to bind the chopped leaves together.

And so, from chewing, to smoking and now a wholly different way to get the nicotine effect; from vaping.

Vaping doesn’t involve any tobacco although it can include nicotine. There are thousands of different types of vape e juice to choose from and the level of nicotine can be adjusted according to taste.

Vaping was designed as an alternative to tobacco smoking because of increasing awareness of the connection between this plant and various medical conditions, most particularly with cancers.

It is intended as a means of weening heavy tobacco smokers away from the habit but is not intended to entice youngsters that have never started any form of smoking.

As such, it has proved successful, judging from the dramatic decline of cigarette sales in the UK and many other countries.
With tobacco, there are various strengths but little else in the way of different choices. Most tobaccos taste the same around the world. But with vaping there are many thousands of different juices, or flavours.

It takes some getting used to for a tobacco smoker to switch to vaping. But they should know that to begin with the nicotine content can be as high as their usual daily intake. Gradually, they should try to reduce the level until the day when they can give up all forms of smoking and vaping.

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