For The Global Citizen London Is the Ultimate Shopping Destination

Whether it is the latest haute couture collection or the finest jewelry, from the ultra-cool boutiques to  the sassy designer stores, London caters to the shopping needs of every global traveller, whatever be the choice or preferences. The English Royal capital is unique in its own terms. As you meander through its streets and lanes, you come across a plethora of shopping options, each one having its own charm, grace, allure that is hard to ignore.

As you set foot into this beautiful capital, the city welcomes with open and warm hands. There is just so much to see and so little time in hand. It doesn’t matter if you are here for a week or a month or just for the weekend, any seasoned traveller to the city will ask you to cam your heart down and let the flavor of the city seep in, for you will never get enough of it.

As you travel towards the heart of the city, you own heart skips a beat looking at the glorious stores beckoning to you to step in and get lost into its graceful opulence. That is a hard feeling to resist. However, those who are in the city for the first time must get a peaceful and luxurious accommodation at first. There are plenty of options available all across the city, as you will quite rightly guess. However, not all are going to be the perfect place for you to stay. If you wish to stay close to the shopping areas in the city, which you most certainly will be, hotels near Oxford Street London is going to be the right choice for you.

Oxford Street is the Mecca for shopping enthusiasts and those who love to do on the latest designer outfits. It is one of the best places to locate the finest designers and their collections, most of which you will recognize from the popular fashion events, if you are a keen follower. The Marble Arch London Hotel is among the finest luxury accommodation options available close to the Oxford Street. It offers a fantastic stay along with the convenience of being able to stay close to London’s finest shopping district and the underground tube station. Quite naturally the demand is pretty high for accommodation at this hotel. It is better to get the booking confirmed well in advance and before you are boarding the flight to London.

It is now time to check out the beautiful city and what it has in store for you. London is termed as the heaven of shoppers for a reason. It has got some of the best shopping destinations in the world. Besides having numerous special attractions the city is also known for being home to a plethora of stores – both of international brands and products, and of local produces and items. The best part of shopping in London is that you can literally shop on foot. You can simply take a stroll from your hotel and you will find various shopping neighborhoods with their exquisite items and products. The city is full of such places and you will not even have to check the map and hunt down the best locations.

Besides the Oxford Street, Knightsbridge, Notting Hill, and Mayfair are some of the finest shopping areas. The best part about London shopping districts is that each one has a different kind of look and feel. It feels like they are a city within a city. Taking a trip to one of these areas is nothing short of a tour. You get to enjoy the fabulous views of each of these places while enjoy shopping at the fine stores and even road side stalls in these regions. If we are to categorize these shopping locales based on their characteristics, one will say that Mayfair has got a smart look to it and gives an aura of the professional person. The Knightsbridge is much more polished and got grace and charm associated with it. Notting Hill is a tad different from these. It is more vibrant and youthful. The place itself is a great tourist attraction, mainly because of the movie that was shot in this location. However, once anyone arrives at Notting Hill, they find more things to fall in love with than just the fact that this was the location of a movie. The place is a little quaint and yet full of life. There are numerous places selling gorgeous products. All you need to have is a deep pocket and you will be all set for the day. Probably you will even revisit the place a few times.

All the places we just spoke of are within walking distance of each other and the best way to explore them is on foot. Even outside these areas you will find numerous places to shop and even save. Well, the saving is a comparative concept since you will be paying, but not as much as you would have in a store.

If you are into Hollywood styled and themed couture, you should definitely check out the Sloane Street. It is home to some of the finest garment stores where you will find exclusive items and designs that you will often notice on the fashion magazines and being worn by famous personalities on the Red Carpet. Keep an eye out for the footwear as well. The street and its adjacent streets are bustling with stores selling the trendiest and costliest of shoes. You can certainly go on a shopping spree if you are one of those who simply cannot take their eyes off the beautiful foot fashionwears.

The Dover Street Market in Mayfair is quite different from all the above. It is a major shopping area with the stores bringing in exclusive items on a regular basis. The best part about this market is that you never know what the curators will have in their store. It is quite like finding some treasure. Be it books or shoes or clothes, or for that matter anything and everything, you are going to find it here.

Do not miss out shopping in London. It is as much fun as sightseeing, if not more.

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