Facilities in London Offering Best Swimming Lessons for Kids

If you are a parent, you would naturally like to give your kids the best of education and other types of training that would stand them in good stead in their future. One of the trainings that most parents like to provide their kids is swimming lessons as this skill is not only good fun but also life-saving as well as providing physical exercise. London is awash with plenty of places where kids can get swimming lessons.

Water Babies, Fulham: This is the right place where you can take babies for the initial lessons in swimming. When you are in the water with your baby, a special bond will be established between the two of you. The classes in Fulham take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays and the pool authorities offer a free baby swimming lesson if the booking is done before a specific date by quoting a code but subject to availability and excluding current swimmers.

Aquababies, Westminster: The Aquababies global brand that operates in 10 countries is also involved in offering swimming lessons in Westminster at a 5-star hotel in Marble Arch. The group offers a range of programmes including suitable swimming lessons for babies and toddlers so that you can choose the one that would suit you and your baby the most. At this place, a parent and baby spa is also offered so that you can relax with your kid.

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Crystal Palace Diving, Bromley: Being the 2011 Top Junior Diving Team in England The Crystal Palace Diving Club offers a little more challenging swimming lessons that are suitable for 6+ year-old kids. The programmes are such that age/ability groups are created in which the kids are placed suitably for working towards ASA diving badges. Every month optional talent testing also takes place.

Guests staying at The Piccadilly London West EndĀ are located in one of the most happening areas of the city quite close to the main theatres and other attractions of the city. Moreover, they get to stay in a luxurious accommodation with ideal facilities and best services.

Comfort Aquatics Private Swim School, Ealing: Comfort Aquatics at this school in Ealing holds swimming classes for kids in different categories that parents can choose from including week-long crash courses during holidays; lessons for small groups of less than 4 kids; or private lessons of 1-2-1 or 2-2-1. The swimming courses are rated high.

International Swimming Academy, Notting Hill: This academy covers all your swimming training needs including swimming lessons for babies, toddlers, or even for yourself. Even kids as little as two months can enjoy fun and interactive courses. Kids can also take a swim crash course during half-term.

Swimming Rocks, Chelsea: Kids in Chelsea and its surrounding areas can avail of swimming classes by Swimming Rocks at some luxury locations. Private (1-2-1) and shared (2-2-1) lessons to adults and children are provided as well as small group baby and toddler swimming lessons. They also hold half term crash courses and Christmas crash courses.

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