Exploring London On The Trail Of Secret Seven

If you are worried that your weekend in London is going to be same old one then, you would like to change your thought. London is the city full of surprises, and you might want to explore some intriguing points and to make your weekend turn out to be exciting and thrilling.

You must keep in your mind that the secret seven places are not necessarily the high priced tourist destinations of the city. On the other hand, they are unnoticed and often hidden places of the city that you will ever believe actually existed. They are underrated attractions of the city yet, full of beauty that will leave you overwhelming. Follow the list given below and who knows, you might end up getting some of the finest places in this city.

Destination Kyoto Garden
• The first place that comes in the list of secret seven is the Kyoto Garden which was initially created by a team of Japanese gardeners in 1991. This project was sponsored by Kyoto Chamber of Commerce with the association of Japan Festival in London.

• At its tranquil place, this place is located in Central London and amidst all the bustling of the city, you will find this traditional Japanese gardens within Holland Park.

• And, to add to its beauty, this garden has a large waterfall feeding a moderate pond at the bottom. You will get to watch this beautiful representation of nature from a little bridge that acts a viewing platform across the pond.

• There are also colorful koi carp in the pond.  If you think these are the main highlights of the garden then, there are more with Japanese style red maples and shrubbery and also a stone washbasin.

• Amidst this bucolic feel of the garden, you will readily forget that, this place right in Central London and a short walk from Kensington High Street, Notting Hill and easily accessible from few other exclusive hotels including Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Hotel.

Lea Valley Walk
• It is true that River Thames is the most overrated river of UK and gets attention worthy of its popularity. However, which does not mean you have to rule out Lea River flowing through East London.

• It will surely give you some amazing moments to escape from city lights and enjoy treats of nature. Moreover, you will also get to see some of the London’s most different side from East London including spectacular views of Olympic Par, best graffiti, waterfowl and also modern skylines.

• There are also something extra for visitors like cafes and pubs to chill out with your friends and also galleries for profound collection of art.

Joe Allen
• You will find some of the best places in London that serve American Foods like steaks and others. However, long before London went completely gaga over American Food; it was Joe Allen that sued to serve US Style steaks and foods.

• Also, it is home of best Caesar salad in London, and awesome burgers are also on the list as well.

• You will find this place in the basement of Theatreland and is famous for its bar and grill. It has nondescript exterior while the interior is exposed of brickwork and is plastered with posters of shows from West End.

Old Operating Theatre Museum
• If you are ready to attend the event like the ghosts of London’s gruesome past with a fascinating trip to the past where everything was less hygienic then, climb the spiral and creaking staircase of a museum of surgical history.

• It is set within one of the oldest and standing operations theaters located near London Bridge Station and also beneath mega modern architectural wonder, the Shard, this place is an absolute catch.

• There are also lists of events for the visitors and has a macabre bent in it as well. It is not recommended for faint hearted.

Nunhead Cemetery
• If you are thinking of an off-beat place in London for a full day picnic or may be to walk your dog then, think of none other than Nunhead Cemetery.

• There is nothing to beat this place as it gives 52 acres of scenic beauty, ancient graves and also dappled sunlight.

• It is a perfect historical setting to soak your inner Goth and still managing to get some of the sparkling sun rays. You will also find some of the ancient graves here while taking a jog or walking your dog around the place.

Postman’s Park
• This name is taken from its proximity to old General Post Office. This little park is also special in commemorating the valorous and courageous acts of normal people that had given their lives in saving others in peril.

• The park has its heroes’ corner that put up these brave acts of others. It is perfect place to enjoy a sunny afternoon or maybe take a walk in the evening with picturesque landscaped garden, a babbling fountain and lots of benches to bask in the sun.

• This relaxing place amidst a busy city was originally meant for the workers in the post office, to take a break and have lunch here.

• Now, this park often stays empty and is not visited by many people apart from local workers or occasional tourist. This park was also featured in Natalie Portman starrer Closer.

Soho Food Walk with London from Scratch
This is a food tour organized by Michelle Francis who is an ex-restaurateur, a chef and also a supper club host. This London from Soho Food Walk takes small groups of people enthusiastic about food on tours and discovers Ten Tastes of Soho. You will also get to learn about the Big Five- a group of local restaurants which Michelle thinks are the best to bring about the positive changes in the world of food around Soho. Moreover, while on the trip, you also get to taste super delicious food and drinks along the way.

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