Experiencing The Best Place For Afternoon Tea In London

As London’s rich cultural tradition is popular worldwide, there are also many traditions that you will like to be a part of during your stay in London. One of the traditions is the afternoon tea that was invented by Anna Russell who was a Duchess of Bedford. There are many places to experience this traditional afternoon tea in London being its place of origin.

london afternoon tea

With all sorts of cakes and pastries to accompany, the afternoon tea in London is a business that is worth a million. Add a cup of tea with a big plate of jam and cream filled scones, a modest size of brownie and a Victoria sponge cake to set your afternoon tea experience. If you are thinking that where to get your very special cup of afternoon tea in the city there are a list of places to visit exclusively for these experience.

The Sanderson Hotel

It does not matter whether you are spending an afternoon with your mother or friends, indulging in the afternoon tea and the Sanderson Hotel are one of the best places to experience afternoon tea in London. You will venture into a world of ticking clocks, decorative teapots and not forget a wonderful cup of afternoon tea.

There are also other delicacies spread that go perfectly well with your tea like fruit jellies, elegant sandwiches, and homemade marshmallows. This place is where you will like to come over and over again to have your afternoon tea apart from park grand london lancaster gate afternoon tea.

The Ritz

Whether you are staying at the grand london paddington hotel or anywhere else in the city, the Ritz in Palm Court, cannot miss the list when you are making one for afternoon tea places. It is the home for ultimate tea experience. The place also tells a lot about the servings with classy chandeliers, elegant guests, and friendly staff- a perfect setting to have your afternoon tea.

Bite into your scones and enjoy the ambiance and make memory for life. The place also has an array of 17 loose tea leaves with cream scones and finger sarnies. This place also maintains strict dress code and gentlemen must not forget their jacket.

108 Brasserie

This place in London is where even you can enjoy the gluten and low sugar servings in cake and pastries. Now, you do not have just to walk past by those delicious and tender cakes and pastries and start to enjoy them right away. The talented chefs of the place also have a long list of menus that are gluten-free and include sandwiches and scones.

The desserts are also quite delicious that are solely made from honey, ground almonds, and eggs. You can pick your favorite combinations that include blueberry and coco to coconut and date. This is one thoughtful platter that you simply cannot miss. This is one ideal place to experience afternoon tea, and when you have washed down the tea, you can also make the experience richer with a glass of sparkling Champagne.

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