Don’t Panic When Your Valuables are Stolen Abroad – Do the Right Things

We all love to go for a holiday abroad and when traveling to some other country we try to make right decisions always. But, it is not written anywhere that your planning will always work. No holiday destination or travel package can give you the assurance that nothing can go wrong with you on your trip. Thus, it is very important to be a little extra cautious with your planning especially if you are traveling to some other country. Start from selecting the best and a safe hotel accommodation such as shaftesbury hotel Paddington.

Just imagine that you are enjoying some sightseeing with your family or friends and suddenly you feel that your purse went missing. That moment will make you feel that you have stuck somewhere and that is the time when panic strikes. You will start freaking out but now your purse has gone. This is the moment when you need to regain all your energy and presence of mind without which you will not be able to do what is all is to be done at that point of time.

Running down is a Waste of time:

Once you have realized that your valuables are stolen including your passport and you are left with no identification in an alien country, to get panic is natural. But, by simply running down the streets to find your bag is a sheer waste of time. It won’t solve any purpose. The thief will be smart enough to change the identity of your bag so that you can’t recognize your own stuff. You need to find some other ways to overcome their smartness.

Contact the Police:

Some people may think that the police will ask unnecessary questions and will harass you as your valuables are stolen. But it is actually not the case. Once you have realized that your precious documents and money is missing, the first thing that you should do is rush to the local police station and get a complaint filed against your stolen stuff.

An immediate report should be even sent to your hotel and also to your tour operator if any. Shaftesbury hotel Paddington will do everything best possible for you in such situation. You will get a police report that will really help in getting your new passports made and it will be even helpful in getting claims for your things that were insured. Though, police may not be able to help you much in case of money, but still filing a report of the lost theft is important.

Cancel all Your Credit Cards:

When you travel abroad, at times people don’t prefer to carry much cash with them but they take credit cards along. So, if your credit cards are also stolen along with your valuables, then after informing the same to the police, immediately cancel all your credit cards and phone services.

Cancelling cards is not that tough as you need to simply make a phone call to the bank and tell them that your cards are being stolen. By this way you can actually prevent someone to purchase anything and continue to seal your money.

Passport Recovery:

If you are unlucky enough to lose your passport along with other valuables, then you need to report the same to the local police without any delay. A replacement passport will then be issued to you after couple of days I guess. To get a replacement or temporary passport made you might have to go to the consulate and the authorities will then check your identity with the passport office.

The entire procedure may take some time and a fee will be charged to issue a replacement passport.

Hopefully, no one should face any such situation while traveling abroad, however if a similar case happens with you then here are few things that will be helpful:
•    Don’t forget to go to the police. At times you will feel that it’s a waste of time, but still it is important to a great extent.
•    If your money and credit cards are all stolen, you still have options to get some money from your family or friends staying back. You can call them up and can ask them to deposit some money in your bank account.
•    Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your hotel or tour operator. At the need of the hour sometimes a stranger can even guide you through this tough situation. Keep one thing in mind that kind hearted people do exist.
•    Though, it’s quite natural to freak out when you realize that all your valuables are gone including your passport. But, trust me freaking out won’t solve any purpose. Try and manage things in the best possible way you can without losing your presence of mind.
Prevention Measures that you must take:
A holiday means that it’s time to relax, however as far as safety of your valuables is concerned, one must be adamant about it especially if you are travel to some other country. Being pick-pocketed or having your belongings stolen is not that common but it still may happen to anyone. Thus, it is very important to take necessary preventive measures.
•    It is always good to make copies of all your valuables including credit cards, passport and even your air ticket. If going out for sightseeing, you can keep your originals in the safety lockers in the hotel room and can carry copies along with you.
•    Avoid wearing anything flashy in terms of jewelry etc.
•    Never walk alone at night especially at a place you are not familiar with. You should not be even carrying your valuables with you at that time.
•    Get adequate insurance done before you start traveling for your holiday. It will help you to cover the loss of any expensive belongings.
•    As far as keeping money is concerned, wear a travel belt or carry a hidden pouch with you. Don’t carry much cash while going out for sightseeing.
•    When you sit somewhere for a lunch or for a drink, keep your backpack or your purse right in front of your eyes. You should never leave your bag unattended at anytime.

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