Different Types of Detox Treatments

In the sphere of spa treatments, detoxing does not refer to drug or alcohol addiction but to removal of toxins in the body. It is a treatment and therapy that is given to improve the overall health of a person and to make him feel healthier especially when the toxins have been eliminated. It also involves providing a new diet and exercise regime so that the person can discover a new self.

Even during the ancient Egyptian and Greek civilisations, it was believed that whatever food we eat rots and produces harmful toxins when it enters the intestines. This was known as the Humoral theory of health that stated that there were four main constituents in the body – black bile, yellow bile, phlegm and blood and in order to maintain good health it was necessary to keep these elements perfectly balanced. Any imbalance resulting in any of the humors getting deficient or excessive in the body would have a negative impact on the physical health and well-being of the person.

Although the humoral theory has been accepted by modern medicine, the popular modern health regimes lay more stress on complete detoxification that is achieved by the use of homeopathic and naturopathic preparations, dietary constraints, physical treatments and fasting. The body of a human being has an inbuilt natural detoxification system that eliminates unwanted substances by the joint efforts of the kidneys, liver, skin and lymph. Modern medicine believes that the detoxification system gets derailed if the diet of a person has excess of alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat.  Detoxification along with assistance for some time will enable you to get healthier and more active.

Improvement in diet regimen can be achieved by doing everything in moderation. If you like to have a glass of wine or gin and tonic when you return from work, it would be best to restrict your intake of alcohol as an excess over the recommended two or three units per day or alcohol misuse in any form can be detrimental to your liver and skin and also your overall health. Your blood vessels get dilated with intake of alcohol and the stored vitamin A, which is an anti-oxidant in your body, gets depleted. Many skin disorders such as chronic capillary dilation and acne rosacea can take place with excessive use of alcohol. Moreover, excess consumption of caffeine can harm your skin making it dry or spotty and muscle tremors, headaches and mood swings take place with over-consumption of caffeine. For a healthier regime and for an effective detoxification it is necessary to reduce consumption of sugars and saturated fat.

It is essential to avoid excess consumption of corn syrup, barley malt, fruit juice concentrate, dextrose, maltose, molasses, maple syrup and turbinado as these are all basically sugar. Similarly you should only have good fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats and avoid having saturated fats in any form.

Detox treatments are offered at most spa hotels and day spas in London. However Montcalm hotel spa treatments are comprehensive engulfing the entire ambit of detoxification and wellness of the body and mind. Different soothing spa treatments are provided by highly trained therapists who help relieve stress and enable detoxification of the body. A whole range of treatments are offered including all sorts of body treatments, skin treatments, facial treatments, treatments for men and different types of massages. Treatments for hands and feet and waxing and finishing touches are also provided. Different types of beauty enhancement treatments are very popular.

For detoxification, the spa at the Montcalm offers different treatments such as Body Wraps that offers Saat or complete detox which is a wonderful tropical treat. Impurities are removed with the synergy of Jasmine Res Rice and Coco shell and dead cells are eliminated before the body wrap is applied. The wrap consists of 100 percent natural Turmeric and Green Tea extracts and the body is covered with Saa paper made from Mulberry tree. This helps in removing toxic wastes and decongesting the body by promoting perspiration. Thereafter an aromatherapy massage using a blend of China Mandarin and Sweet Orange essential oils is given so that the mind gets de-stressed.

The other methods of detoxification include Ayurvedic treatments that work on harmonising the person’s doshas that are based around the elements of earth, air, fir and water. Since there are three doshas, any imbalance in these elements leads to physical and mental illness. Ayurvedic treatments include nutritional consultation, massage and exercise. Colonic hydrotherapy, in which several gallons of water are passed through the colon via a tube inserted into the bottom of the person, also flushes out the toxins in the body resulting in improved wellbeing. Many therapists recommend regular treatments during detox.

Massages of different types are also provided by the Spa at the Montcalm as they help in detoxifying the body. These include aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Reiki, Zen Shiatsu, Hot Stone Massage, Na Plai (recovery Head Massage), Samunprai, Kamatan, Reflexology, Anamai-Body Reviver, Qi-Absolute desktop Recovery, Lazy Man Yoga, and Face and Body Sensation. Lymphatic drainage is a positive accompaniment to a detox programme. Yoga promotes breathing, circulation, digestion and excretion and it helps the natural detoxification process and encourages better health

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