Complete Paddington Area Guide For Travellers

London is a well known capital city which is famous as a tourist hotspot. Millions of travellers visit the place for leisure, fun and business. There are loads of small areas which are closely associated with the city making it further beautiful and expandable. One such area is Paddington which is all developed featuring beautiful canals, lots of places to eat, quiet garden squares and of course the very well known Paddington Bear.

This area of West London is ideally located between Royal Parks, Notting Hill and the West End. It is primarily dominated by the Paddington Rail station which handles around 30 million train passengers every year. Moreover, it is a great accommodation district for lots of visitors as the area has fastest links to the Heathrow airport which is a major airport in London.

Just like Heathrow airport the Paddington station is a primary transport hub featuring four underground lines spreading out in multiple directions. One can perhaps reach to most of the sights in the capital city within 20 minutes or so by making use of London underground. Apart from the station and passengers there is a lot more to Paddington. Independent markets, sleek shops and corner cafes make the place even more enticing and tourist friendly.

As far as accommodation near Paddington is concerned Park Grand London Paddington Hotel is one of the preferred choices for all kinds of tourists. The area has been populated since ancient times now and things have slowly and gradually changed therefore making it a popular hotspot among visitors. This area reminds us about a coat wearing bear and its marmalade sandwiches. The station even contains a statue of a fictional character Paddington Bear which is quite popular among children of almost every age.

Travel To and From Paddington

The Paddington station is operational round the clock. It is also the terminus for the Heathrow Express train which takes the passengers to London Heathrow airport. The train departs every 15 minutes and is a non-stop service. Paddington station is very well connected by London taxis and buses thus, making it quite easy to continue your travel within the city.

Paddington station

Trains to Paddington depart and arrive from multiple destinations including Bristol, Bath, Oxford, Cardiff and Exeter. Travellers planning to stay for more than few days are expected to get an oyster card made. It is a travel card which minimises your travel expense within the city to a great extent.

Things to Do & Attractions In Paddington

Paddington is a place where there is a lot to see and to do. It is a hive of activities and is a hub of canals which are now redeveloped into one of the biggest leisure and business areas. Paddington area is a junction that well connects others parts of the city. A swift walk along the Grand Union and Regents Canals takes you to the calming and much soothing Little Venice. One can enjoy some quite waterside activities; however those not interested can simply take a stroll around. This would be the best pastime for those staying in Paddington.

Are you up for some street food? Paddington is the place where you can enjoy the same on Tuesdays and Thursdays especially. There located is the first water maze in the world which won’t make you wet. Moreover, Talbot Square and Norfolk Square gardens are the two perfect picnic spots where you can sit back and relax at the deck chairs and a giant chess.

Many great things can be done while staying at Shaftesbury Hotels in London as the location of the hotel is extremely pleasurable.

Alexander Fleming Museum

The famous St Mary’s Hospital is a home to this museum. Its laboratory being the centre of attraction is the place where Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin. This chance discovery became a life saving drug. The museum has lot of stairs thus, there is no disabled access.

Puppet Theatre Barge

As the name suggests this theatre venue is in a converted barge which makes it quit an unusual venue. Since 30 years now this theatre has been putting up shows for both adults and children. The work shown here is a mix of everything from fairy tales to the plays done by some great writers including Shakespeare. It is a floating theatre with a seating capacity for 55 and is operational throughout the year.

Paddington Basin Bridges

The redeveloped Paddington Basin has this Rolling Bridge and Fan Bridge which are a great combination of functionality and art. These bridges allow boats to pass through and they open up in a very unique way. Once the boats are passed these are then again turned into pedestrian pathways. The fan bridge opens and closes just like a traditional fan and has five steel beams. These are not operational at all times and can be seen in action on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Paddington is a much loved place and is an ultimate place to stay for several reasons. The foremost being the best travel links to the rest of the UK. Lot of stations which are well connected are located within walking distance away and finally it is a calming place to stay.

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