Clearomisers: A Quick Overview

When you first start vaping, it can be a bit confusing. There’s such a community around it, and everyone has their own views and ideas about the right and wrong ways of doing something that trying to find useful advice is difficult.

One area in which many people have difficulties is in choosing their clearomisers. They don’t even necessarily know what a clearomiser is. We have created this article to help make sense of this part of vaping. By the time you reach the end of this blog, you should have a much better idea about what a clearomiser is and about how to choose the right one for you.

What Is a Clearomiser?

The first thing we need to do is to provide you with a quick explanation about what they are. Clearomisers are simply atomisers, except that they are clear, meaning that you can see the e-juice while you vape. Being able to see the e-juice makes it easier for you to know when you need to refill. With an atomiser, you often have to guess, and this can mean waiting too long, so you end up vaping the dregs, which become sticky and clog the machine.

OK, but now we’ve introduced a new term, and you might be confused about this too, so let’s explore what an atomiser is:

  • An Atomiser: this is one of the three main components of your electronic cigarette (alongside the tank and the battery). The atomiser turns the vape liquid from a liquid into a vapour, which you then inhale. When the atomiser is clear, it’s called a clearomiser.
  • The atomiser/clearomiser contains a coil. The battery heats up the coil and then the coil heats the liquid held in the tank. Once the liquid is hot enough, it becomes a vapour. People prefer to use clearomisers because it allows them to drip feed the liquid more easily.
With atomisers, they have to guess and this invariably leads to the e-cigarette becoming clogged and requiring a clean. Therefore, clearomisers are less hassle and require cleaning much less often. A good example of a clearomiser is the Smok Vape. You’ll notice that it has a clear section at the top. You can drip feed the liquid through and make sure that it lands in the right place. If you could not see this section (i.e. if they had an atomiser instead of a clearomiser), you would not be able to see what you’re doing and how the liquid is feeding onto the coil.

Sub Ohm Clearomisers

Clearomisers have allowed people to produce much bigger vape clouds than the older style atomisers could do. However, you need to buy the correct type. The ones with the bigger coils and the lowest Ohms (called sub ohm vape pens) produce the biggest plumes.

For example, the smok stick prince kit has dual coils, so that produces twice as much vape as a single coil unit. On top of this, it has a low ohm too (0.3), which further allows it to produce huge plumes.

If you want to create bigger plumes, go for a multi-coil, low ohm, vape pen and use a high VG-content e-juice. You’ll be making some nutty clouds.

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