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Birdwatching in California

Birdwatching in California

The vast expanse of California’s many nature reserves and wildlife refuges make the diverse terrain of the state perfect for animal lovers. Pair that with the Pacific-side migration hubs for birds from across the world, and with the desolate landscapes of the Great Basin, visitors staying at hotels in California open can find the state [...]

Pre Departure To-Do List- Make your trip successful

Being the excessively organised person that I am, I can for no reason seem to hold back from putting in concert a logical To-Do List. It’s such an easy way to make yourself feel creative, and you’re much less probably to find yourself chasing your own tail in the days most important up to your [...]

Explore Gibraltar’s Upper Rock Nature Reserve

If you plan a holiday in Gibraltar, you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of attractions and activities available in such a small country. While Gibraltar may be tiny in size, it has a wealth of attractions to explore. From museums to historical landmarks, beaches to nature reserves, there is plenty to keep you [...]

How tourists can stay safe when heading to the beach in Ocean City in Maryland

Tourists taking a trip abroad with their family need to ensure they know what they are doing when it comes to beach safety. A wonderful place such as Ocean City is the ideal vacation spot for travellers, but this US resort town in Maryland has a beach that requires tourists to know about safety regulations. [...]

rainy day

Rainy days are inevitable in a number of popular holiday locations in the world, but there are usually plenty of things that tourists can do to pass the time in bad weather. The weather in Vancouver can unfortunately become colder, but in those situations travellers need not worry about finding things to do. There is [...]

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The best destinations for a travel selfie in the resort town of Ocean City in Maryland

  Taking a selfie is a fun way of remembering a holiday and tourists should make a note of great places to have a picture when they are on vacation. Ocean City has a number of top locations to have a picture taken including the unique Beach Ball Water Tower. This famous landmark is found [...]

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Top tips for getting the best hotel service

When travelling to the UK, you may be after some top notch service from your hotel. It is all those little touches that make your stay that bit more enjoyable. Room service, for instance, or the reception staff remembering your name. Travelling with kids? It is great when they talk to your children and maybe [...]

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Facts that tourists should learn about Vancouver before they take a holiday in Canada

Tourists venturing on a trip to the stunning Canadian city of Vancouver will definitely want to learn some new things about the destination. They should maybe look things up before they head off on their holiday to this part of the world. This coastal city is located in the state of British Columbia and its [...]


Things to do on the weekend in Cambridge

If you want a break from the hectic pace of living in London and are looking for a weekend getaway, there are a plethora of places to visit. From spending time in the countryside to exploring England’s lovely seaside towns there are a diverse array of fantastic places to escape to. Those visitors and tourists [...]

Best beer gardens of London

London boasts some of the best beer gardens of the world. The beer gardens are known for their full-bloom greenery and do not have an unkempt boozer place. You will find scores of beer gardens in and around Budget Hotels in London as well as near posh accommodations. Following is a list of ten best [...]