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Essential features for a hotel website

Managing a hotel business is no easy task considering the amount of time and effort needed to be put in to stay competitive. There is no dearth for competition in the hospitality industry, with a new hotel popping up almost every day at locations across the world. In such a scenario it is a necessity [...]

Technology and Hospitality

There is little doubt that technology has made our day to day lives easier; from our smartphones which allow us to not only make calls but to also shop online and send emails, to microwaves that prepare our meals in mere minutes, however, there are many times where technology is a curse due to eradicating [...]

Find Your Inspiration For Your Business

The sheer speed and growth of the internet has given a massive boost to businesses throughout the world and all are requiring an online presence to improve their sales and profit margins. Whether it is a retail business, a restaurant or a hotel, an online presence is essential to successfully put businesses on the e-commerce [...]

4 Ways to Make the Most of the Connection Economy

The term ‘connection economy’ is a fairly modern phrase, being used to describe the fact that people are now looking for connections with brands on a more personal level rather than just receiving services and/or goods from them.  With the advancement in social media, gone are the simple transactions of give and take and instead [...]

Ways to Compete with a Big Chain Hotel

It’s a sad reality but many independent hotels feel as though they can’t compete against bigger chains.  Whilst it’s true that big chain hotels have more money to put towards manpower, marketing strategies and advertising, smaller hotels needn’t write themselves off just yet.  You may have fewer people to hold the fort but with the [...]

5 Good Reasons to Use Hotel Booking Software

If you have landed on this page, chances are you have already realised the importance of having and utilising hotel booking software.  With the internet playing such a central role in all our daily lives, it’s important to ensure that your hotel’s website is fully optimised and as accessible as possible whether someone is trying [...]

4 Digital Marketing Strategies Every Hotel Should Be Using

If you are new to the world of digital marketing, or you feel as though you aren’t using digital marketing to its fullest potential then you have come to the right place.  The world of online marketing is an increasingly complex one with new demands and ways of interacting with guests seeming to crop up [...]

Top tips to improve a hotel company’s social media output to improve room sales

Often hotel businesses think it is enough to create a handful of social media profiles online, but much more work is needed to effectively take advantage of these platforms. The benefits of using social media to attract customers are that firms gain their loyalty and get to expand their guest list. The simplest thing to [...]

Why having a wonderful mobile website is important for hotel firms to increase profits

Smartphones have changed the way hotel companies operate as firms now realise the need to have a mobile-friendly website. The online presence of a company is of great importance as it defines the business’s ethos and brand identity. There are certain issues a firm has to consider when advertising its property online. Firstly the website [...]

What hotel companies should be doing in 2017 to improve revenues for success

Something that companies will want to consider when running a hotel firm is how they can increase their revenue. There are obviously the simple measures of trying to increase web traffic to a hotel website and attempting to get direct bookings. The key to success for firms is to make sure they embrace change and [...]