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Important digital marketing changes in 2018 that can help hotel firms be successful

Digital marketing is an important tool for hotels to reach the attention of customers, and to ensure they directly book a room on the accommodation website. Hotel firms have to plan everything in the right way when it comes to their digital marketing strategy, as there many competitors who could take their potential guests away [...]

Tips To Increase Revenue Through The Booking Engine

Making online bookings has become relatively simple and easy to do in comparison to how lengthy and complicated things were in the past. Since this is the case it should not only be easy for guests to book, but your hotel booking engine should be able to compete with OTAs to drive direct bookings. While [...]

The Impact Of Virtual Reality On Hotel Marketing

Technology is constantly evolving and as result of it there are new and tools and software that is  introduced on a regular basis. One area where you can expect a revolution is that of the hospitality industry, which will be transformed when the innovative use of virtual technology will become a part of it. While [...]

Making Your Hotel Business More Direct

When it comes to business, there may be some tips and tricks that you didn’t know about or some simple strategies from yesteryear that have completely slipped your mind but that are just as effective now as they were back in the day. This guide looks at the basics and gives some tips on how [...]

Why You Need a Hotel Booking Engine for Your Hospitality Business

Booking engines relief a lot of stress and time out of making reservations for you and your potential customers; it gives you more time to run your business and allows you to be away from reception because it will make bookings and reservations for you 24 hours a day. A hotel booking engine is a [...]

Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Planning digital marketing for any business including the hospitality industry is a complex process and constantly changing. To get it correct that are a variety of elements you need to take into consideration.  A few essential things to keep in mind as part of your hotel digital marketing strategy are: The content must be original [...]

Why Independent Hotel Firms Need To Invest In Revenue Management Technology

Something all small hotel businesses must consider doing is getting revenue management technology to help them become successful. This is especially useful for small firms who need the help with looking after the needs of their company. Hotel revenue management is one of the most crucial things to think about when trying to make a [...]

Tips On How Hotel Firms Can Create The Best Content To Help With Their Online Presence

Getting content correct on a hotel website is one of the most difficult things to get right when creating a strong online presence. Travel companies need to firstly work out the best content ideas that will get them noticed by customers. Understanding the audience is clearly one of the most important things to do, as [...]

The Benefits For Hotel Businesses To Link With A GDS Or Global Distribution System

There are many things a hotel company needs to add to their checklist when they first start life as a firm. One of the most important is to be part of a GDS or Global Distribution System. This is a fantastic tool that will create greater bookings for hotel accommodations, as well as introduce guests [...]