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9 Jewellery Style Tips You Need To Know

Do you ever open your jewellery box and feel overwhelmed by the choices available? As you amass beautiful handmade and designer jewellery, it becomes hard to decide what to wear every day and it is tempting to throw it all on in one go. However, if you want to look your best, there are a [...]

How to Avoid the Travel Hacks in London

London is a big city and you need to stay careful every now and then from incidents of hacking. In fact, if you want to make most of the city tour you should not think of money. London is a land of diversity and seek ever corner you need to make use of contacts and [...]


What Jewellery Suits My Dress to Create an Impeccable Look

What jewellery suits my dress? This is such an important question to consider when you are dressing for a special occasion. Or indeed – just a regular day where you need a confidence boost or want to look your best. Whether you opt for beautiful bracelets or some stackable rings will all boil down to [...]

Days Out for Entertaining the Kids

There are many sights and attractions in London to visit as a family but some of the best attractions for keeping the kids happy and entertained are some of the many museums the city has to offer. Many of these museums have facilities and activities specifically designed for your little ones to help make a [...]

Clearomisers: A Quick Overview

When you first start vaping, it can be a bit confusing. There’s such a community around it, and everyone has their own views and ideas about the right and wrong ways of doing something that trying to find useful advice is difficult. One area in which many people have difficulties is in choosing their clearomisers. [...]

A Little-Known, Interesting Area in the Heart of London

London is a vast metropolis which spreads over a large area but most of its attractions and other places of interest are concentrated in and around central London which is naturally quite congested and busy all the time. Many people like to avoid the hustle and bustle of this area and find some quiet retreats [...]

Best swimming spots in London

Though London has the river Thames flowing through the city but still it cannot be considered as a city of water enthusiasts & outdoor swimmers in recent time. It is said that facts are stranger than fictions and it is applicable here too as London has a swimming history of more than 400 years in [...]

3 Reasons Why I Got to Know My Local Vape Shop

I’ve been vaping for a few years now and when I first started, I used to avoid the vape shops. From the outside, they appear to be a bit dingy and dark…almost as if they were questionable and what they were doing. They rather gave me the impression of being an adult bookshop type of place. [...]

3 cool vape tricks that anyone can learn to do

Some people think that doing tricks with vape is immature. Maybe they’re right, but who cares about them? Let’s face it, they’re probably a little bit boring, and a little bit judgemental. For the rest of us, who don’t mind being silly every now and again, doing vape tricks is part of the fun of [...]

Visit London’s lesser-known museums

South Kensington’s popular trio of museums – The V&A, The Natural History and the Science Museum are well known to arts and cultural buffs visiting London. Then, of course, there is the British Museum probably the most famous of all the museums. In fact, London is a treasure trove when it comes to world-class museums [...]