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Making The Wedding Venue Decision

When planning your wedding, the most important aspect is finding the right venue. In London, there are so many different venues to choose from such as traditional churches, hotels, gardens and even historical monuments. This guide gives you a quick overview of some of the unique venues to look at in the capital city. The [...]

Get the right wedding transport and make it a grand one.

There are different modes of transport available for the wedding. You can go by Boat or Barge. On the off chance that your wedding is by water, enlist a cruising or speed vessel, kayak or freight ship to get to your wedding on time. Take up a bus Transports are an extremely prevalent alternative with [...]

4 Things to ask the Wedding Venue Manager

There is no other joy in life other than getting married to the one who loves you truly and understands you from inside out. If you are lucky enough to have found your soul mate already and planning to get hitched sometime soon then you must consider taking some time out and sort everything around [...]

Thoughts for a Fascinating Hen Party in London

We all know that weddings are quite a special event and to make it more memorable and enjoyable hen parties act like cherry on the cake. Hen party is a party that is held for the woman who is getting married. Some refer it as girl’s day or night out. Throwing an ultimate hen party [...]