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Why You Should Buy A Handmade Ring

Handmade jewellery has boomed in popularity over recent years as we step away from mass produced items and fast fashion. Among the surge in handmade brands and online boutiques, you can find any item of jewellery from bangles to earrings. It’s also now extremely easy to procure a beautiful handcrafted ring that is ideal as [...]

7 Pieces of Jewellery You Should Own By Age 30

As you journey through your 20s you will discover that your sense of personal style changes as you discover what you feel most comfortable wearing. This applies to jewellery and clothing alike as your tastes mature. As you move away from fast-fashion you’ll probably feel more inspired to purchase top quality handmade jewellery. Here are [...]

What is sterling silver-Guide to buying and caring for silver jewellery

What is sterling silver? You know the name of this popular metal but what else should you know before you make a purchase? Whether you want to treat yourself to some chic sterling silver stacking rings or surprise your best friend with a sterling silver crown ring, read our guide to silver jewellery first. What [...]

The Power of the Cuff Bracelet

Refined, glamorous and versatile; cuff bracelets are the trademark of a woman who knows her power and how to wield it. When you browse your local handmade jewellery boutique and you will see cuffs of all widths and styles. Some are carved with intricate patterns whilst others are encrusted with precious gemstones and others are [...]

8 ways to style drop earrings

8 ways to style drop earrings

Do you want to know why all women’s jewellery brands adore creating drop earrings? Because they are just as much fun to style as they are to design and craft! Drop earrings come in so many different shapes and sizes. Many styles are subtle enough to wear to work. Some are best saved for special [...]


8 Ways to Wear Chokers

Ever since it bounded onto the scene in the 90s, the choker necklace has become a firm favourite for all fashionistas. Today, we’re going to inspire you with 8 fun ways to wear chokers, inspired by the collection from Jewel Tree London. 1.  Layered Create an eclectic look by layering your choker with a longer [...]


9 ways to wear layered necklace like a pro

Torn between that new gold pendant necklace you just bought on sale and your beloved bar necklace? Oh, we’ve been there – trust us. So, why not layer up your necklaces? If you’ve already mastered the art of stacking rings, layered necklaces are the next logical chapter in your fashion journey. To ensure you capture [...]