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The American nexus with London’s attractions

United States and United Kingdom shared long years of history, and there are many sites in London that have associations with America. The sites showcase the intimate cultural, military and political nexus between the two countries. The Mayflower Pub This beautiful but small pub called as Mayflower has etched its name with a crucial point [...]

A Walk Along River Thames at South Bank

London has a long association with the River Thames and it is difficult to imagine one without the other as it literally divides the city. South of the river, you will find a large population and a complex history. However, despite its rich history, the South Bank that stretches from Westminster Bridge (Lambeth) to London [...]

Experience Some Fun Moments In Soho

London has some of the amazing areas that needs t be explored properly. And one such area is Soho, where you can find each and every single thing for fun and excitement. While most of the tourists visit London to see the attractive places, but to understand how the local spend their days in the [...]


Kensington is a stylish, vibrant and colorful district in the city of London. It is rich in culture, tradition, and one of the most luxurious in the country. It is a tourist hub which is rich in museums, palaces, gardens, buildings and landmark buildings. It is home to some of the world renowned galleries and [...]

Secret Tunnels in London that May Only be Rumours

London is not only about what you can see and experience on its surface but a lot lies hidden in its underbelly as subterranean London holds many sewers, abandoned tube stations and lost rivers. Most of these places have been recorded properly and people can read about them and get all the information that they [...]

Ideal Time to Visit London

London’s climate is not very severe being more on the moderate side and having moderate to high temperature during summer and cold temperature during winter. However during winter there is light snowfall at times while throughout the year rainfall is a common phenomenon.  The city experiences mild temperatures in the spring when you can enjoy [...]

Discover the Beauty of London through Bike Rides

Holidaying in London is certainly in the checklist of many travellers and explorers. And there is no doubt why. London as an aura of awesomeness and breath-taking refreshment. The roads and parks and open green spaces in London only add to its beauty. The foggy and smoky London streets in the morning provide an awe [...]

Wandering around in Shoreditch area

Shoreditch along with the tech hub for the new and old timers this place also has earned the reputation of the creative hub and all thanks to the population residing in those parts of  the city which makes it trendier as the day passes and also you will never feel you are short of things [...]

British entrepreneurs turning to Silicon Valley

There has been progress in the recent years in the economic aspect as well as the businesses that are running in London city even then people have been turning up to the Silicon Valley and their affair with the Valley may not have come to an end but paused or thinned out . Still now [...]

A Short Guide to Visit London

Taste World Cuisines The city of London is known to serve some of the best cuisines of the world. A stroll through any road will take you to a variety of eating joints, including five star hotels and small drop-ins.  You will find amazing fusions of different cuisines, which are served in finest crockery, at [...]