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The 10 craziest food challenges in London

London has got some great food challenges for you to dare. There will be giant towers of cakes, foods all stacked to be eaten in no time. The challenges will require you to eat some huge heaps of chilli-stuffed snacks and it is not going to be easy. Some of the challenges do not allow [...]

Essential Tips for First-Time Business Travellers to London

London is the hub of business, commercial and banking activities in Europe and to some extent of the world. However, it is basically an expensive city as the cost of services is higher than in other cities but that should not deter people from visiting London for business purposes as long as they are fully [...]

Features of Apsley House

Standing alone at Hyde Park Corner, on the south-east corner of Hyde Park, Apsley House, which is also known as Number One, London, faces south towards the busy traffic roundabout. The Wellington Arch which is a Grade I listed building stands in the centre of this roundabout. This beautiful Georgian building has glittering interiors and [...]

Restaurants in London Serving Korean Food

London has a sizable Korean population and as such, there are many restaurants offering Korean food such as kimchi and bi bim bap basically to suit the tastes of the Koreans staying in the city although many other nationalities also enjoy such food. Some of the best Korean restaurants are mentioned below. Bi Bim Bap: [...]

Enjoying Food And Drinks With Stunning Views At London

London is quite well known for the array of traditional delicacies it has but while grabbing a bite or sipping your favorite drink, who would not love a stunning view. Well, if you are wondering whether you can have that kind of experience in London or not, then, this city has a lot of surprises. [...]

London, a heaven for Foodies

London is a best place for the food lovers and you can enjoy the best variety of cuisines here. Just come here and get the taste from every corner of the world. London foodies ought to now be commonplace to seeing stuffs like ostrich burgers at a bargain at Borough market, crocodile bones on the [...]

Taste Best Irish Food in London

I never acknowledged what number of restaurants I used to eat all the time are selective to Ireland. I assume I never put much thought into the particular brands I used and whether they would be accessible in the UK. Incidentally a number of my most loved restaurants are without a doubt just accessible in [...]

Fun Family Attractions Both In and Around London’s Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park in North-West London is one of the city’s most popular open spaces. There are many attractions in and around Regent’s Park that can provide a fun and exciting day out for all the family. Regent’s Park is easily accessed by tube or bus from wherever you are in London so you don’t need [...]

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The Ten Best British Foods you must try

The city of London is a place with a difference. It provides one with a reason to enjoy and also make best of the tours here. Come here to the beautiful land of museums and palaces and enjoy the best of monumental delights right here in the beautiful European charm. There is a certain excitement [...]

Weird, Unimaginable Food Dishes in London

Some weird food dishes have been reported from the far eastern countries such as snakes and frogs but of late bizarre foods in London have also been noticed in some places. Given below are some of the unusual foods. Testicles at Testi At Testi in Stoke Newington, testicles are served after skinning and with skewers [...]