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Best Way for a Business Traveller to Spend a Day in London

With so much to see and do in London, you will need to spend weeks exploring the city but if you are here on a business trip and you can spare only 24 hours, you will only be able to sample some of its highlights. You have the following options and it is up to [...]

Festivals Galore in Summer in London

London is so dark, dreary, cold and wet most of the time that when summer arrives, it suddenly springs to life with a plethora of summer festivals and other outdoor activities. All over the place, you will find spectacular music, food and wine fiestas and theatrical pop-ups. There is so much to choose from that [...]

Facilities in London Offering Best Swimming Lessons for Kids

If you are a parent, you would naturally like to give your kids the best of education and other types of training that would stand them in good stead in their future. One of the trainings that most parents like to provide their kids is swimming lessons as this skill is not only good fun [...]

8 London Museums For You To Visit

London is the land of unusual stuff and unpredictable activities for people to enjoy. Every single part of the city is filled with certain grace and elegance that it casts a spell in the hearts of those who witness it. It’s no wonder that people consider London as one of the most desirable locations for [...]

Places you mustn’t miss near King’s College, London

King’s College London or KCL is popular and public research university for students in London and abroad and is a constituent college affiliated to the famous University of London. The area surrounding the college is a wonderland for not only students, but also tourists owing to several landmarks close by. Built in the 19th century, [...]

A Perfect Guide for Newbies to London City

Whether you are planning on moving into the city permanently or whether you are visiting London as a tourist, we have for you the perfect guide of how to blend into the city of London as a Londoner does. This guide is for newbies who have never been to London city and it is their [...]

A Trip to London while the Moon Shines!

Fall in love with London all over again, at night time. Be captivated under the spell of the London Lights and make London to dazzle your senses. London, at Night is in itself a whole new fulfilling experience to be cherished in a life time. London is a city of wonders especially at night. Blend [...]

Best places for shopping in London

            London city has some of the finest places to shop at. Each shop is filled with goodies and they all just look so lovely that you will be spoilt for choice. The streets of London are filled with endless shops all along the way. London offers you a lot [...]

Top Attractions Near Bayswater Tube Station

Bayswater is a cosmopolitan area which can be found in the City of Westminster. It is well connected with the different parts of the city through the many transport facilities such as the tube stations and the metros. It is diverse in population of both the natives as well as by people of other nationalities. [...]

Everyone Loves London in the Summer

London’s weather is an oft-discussed issue at various levels and a common topic of conversation among friends. The main reason is that most of the year, it is cold with overcast skies, drab, dark and rainy, with relief coming only by the second half of spring and the summer months. As such, the suppressed desires [...]