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East London Culinary Treats

Visiting London offers true diversity of experience… There’s nothing like getting away from it all allowing you the most eclectic and fantastic experience, with a host of brilliant things to see and do, with a multitude of amazing experiences all just waiting for you to enjoy. This brilliant city offers a little something special for [...]

The Pleasures of Bars and Restaurants in London

The city of London has some of the best bars and restaurants in London which make way for the best in terms of experiences. The city of London has some of the best ways to enjoy the bars and restaurants in and around the place. They are very popular and also make way for some [...]

Top Most Indian Vegetarian Restaurants In London

The capital city of England has always been considered to be the cornucopia of travel attractions, historic sites, heritage, art, exquisiteness and many other interesting elements which are meant to sway away the hearts of any and every visitor. Millions of tourists take this opportunity to plan their vacation trip to the English capital and [...]

Inimitable London

London is like no other city in terms of tourist attractions and places of historic interest. With a rich and diverse history that dates back to more than 2000 years, the city offers a fascinating blend of the old and the new, which make it a captivating tourist destination to visit. From visiting its famous [...]

Taste Strangest Tasty Food in London

Hypermarket small dealers Tesco decided in 2010 it would be nice hint to start marketing lasagne snacks. They were named as LA sandwiches and filled with the ingredients as hamburger, tomato pulp, pasta pieces, white sauce and mayonnaise. Food variety: Somebody thought it would be a good hint to substance the sandwiches with chicken, prawns, [...]

Burger & Lobster; an unconventional eating spot to visit in London

The food business is genuinely unpredictable you never comprehend what idea will get to be hit among the customers. There are numerous such samples lately which demonstrate that occasionally whimsical offerings do work when clubbed with quality and simplicity. Burger & Lobster restaurant is one such, made by Russian born George Bukhov with exceptionally restricted [...]

Big Cheese Wedding Cake, go ahead and celebrate

If you have a reason to celebrate, the cheesecakes are always ready to add spice. A wedding cannot be completed without a nice cheesecakes and London has got all the variety. In London you can see a variety of cheese cakes that can add value to your party. From simple cheese cakes to a big [...]


Celebrate Special Diwali on the Square

Celebrate at a series of special Diwali London events as restaurants and other venues across the city mark the Festival of Lights. Symbolising the arrival of Lord Rama as he frees Queen Sita and defeats the evil Ravana, Diwali is one of the highlight events in the Hindu calendar and is also celebrated by Sikhs [...]


October in London Brings in a Platter of Festivity

October is the month to rejoice in London. With October arrives the Frieze Art Fair in the town. Then the Joan Rivers take the centre stage at the Royal Albert Hall and it is attended by Prince Charles. There are several other auspicious events to make merry and celebrate the season of ecstasy. Here are [...]