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Big Cheese Wedding Cake, go ahead and celebrate

If you have a reason to celebrate, the cheesecakes are always ready to add spice. A wedding cannot be completed without a nice cheesecakes and London has got all the variety. In London you can see a variety of cheese cakes that can add value to your party. From simple cheese cakes to a big [...]

Top Inexpensive Things to Do in London

There is no doubt that London is one of the most expensive cities of the world. In all aspects of living or travel, whether you consider hotel rates, food prices or transportation costs – the price is relatively high. One of the main reasons for this, as compared to cities in other countries of the [...]

Best Hotel Packages to boost your holiday spree

London is one of the most romantic as well as enjoyable holiday destinations that most of the people prefer to choose for their short trip. However, it is crucial that you choose the best hotels in London for your stay there. As holiday trips can be quite expensive and it is not a very good [...]

Soothing Spa Facilities in London

If you are looking to take a break which allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of every day life then why not consider a spa break in London?  Although it may seem odd to choose such a busy and vibrant city as a place to relax, the spa facilities in London are almost [...]

London romantic lifestyle 2013

Whether you’re living love’s young dream, or an old married couple, London is an ideal city for a romantic break. With world famous sights like St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace forming the backdrop, a romantic vacation in London will remain in your memory – and your heart – for years to come. [...]


Places Visit London During Winter

So the festive season is here and holidays are around the corner. During winter holidays, what is the best thing to do or which is the place to enjoy in the city of London? Below are the best places to visit during winter.   Somerset House Ice Rink Ice Skating tops the list to be [...]


London Historic Houses

The old monuments, galleries and museums are the treasured possessions of any community to keep their culture, tradition and heritage alive and intact. London apart from being the capital of Britain also plays an important role in keeping the captivating spirit alive. Here are some of the pillars supporting the legacy of Britain. Buckingham Palace [...]


London Events Calendar

London is known for being the house for the international events and holding Olympics this year, the city has given the strong standing of their international standards of facilities and quality. London is an eventful city holding some or the other events round the year. Here are some prominent events that have become the tradition [...]


London at a Glance

London located on the River Thames, UK’s largest and most populated city housing 8 million people and the principal built-up region in Europe. It is a premiere global city and one of the world’s largest financial centers. It is a major tourist destination for domestic as well as international visitors. The city is and a [...]

summer in London

When to Come to London

Temperatures are usually pleasantly warm from June to August, but can be fiercely hot. If you are making plans to go abroad for the holidays and climatic condition is not a concern, then there is no better choice than London. Mostly the summer’s in London is a mixture of glorious blue sky and rain and [...]