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The Attractions & Movies In Central London

London is filled with a variety of attractions. Due to the ease of access, the central part of the city is always best place to check out for accommodation. However, besides checking out attractions, London is also known for its culture and entertainment. The Regal cinema or Odeon Marble Arch will thus be a great [...]

Sitting Back and Watching A Movie

For many people, straight from childhood, there is an automatic association that the prospect of going to the cinema yields, which is with the many memories associated with these enjoyable visits; be they to watch the blockbuster or to just to pass any surplus or idle time by watching any movie that kindled any figment [...]

The best of cinema at the Coronet

The Coronet was built in 1898 to function as a theatre, but nowadays is better known for being a venue to enjoy the classic experience of old-fashioned cinema. Its striking decor reflects Edwardian grandeur at its best with opulent seating and a royal elegance, which reflects the fact why King Edward VII was a regular [...]

London Travel Card Prices 2015

Got a flight from or to Heathrow airport hot on your heels?Take a look at some of our favourite options from getting to and from London and wherever else you need to be, to make your life a little easier!Don’t waste money on taxis getting everywhere. The London Underground is very easy to navigate once [...]

Combine walking with exploring London for a great experience

A lot of people join gyms and all different types of health classes to lose weight. But, most of the people forget a simple fact that this weight can be lost by a simple task of walking and that too for free. People need to stop using cars and bikes to travel short distances and [...]

Big Cheese Wedding Cake, go ahead and celebrate

If you have a reason to celebrate, the cheesecakes are always ready to add spice. A wedding cannot be completed without a nice cheesecakes and London has got all the variety. In London you can see a variety of cheese cakes that can add value to your party. From simple cheese cakes to a big [...]

Top Inexpensive Things to Do in London

There is no doubt that London is one of the most expensive cities of the world. In all aspects of living or travel, whether you consider hotel rates, food prices or transportation costs – the price is relatively high. One of the main reasons for this, as compared to cities in other countries of the [...]

Best Hotel Packages to boost your holiday spree

London is one of the most romantic as well as enjoyable holiday destinations that most of the people prefer to choose for their short trip. However, it is crucial that you choose the best hotels in London for your stay there. As holiday trips can be quite expensive and it is not a very good [...]

Soothing Spa Facilities in London

If you are looking to take a break which allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of every day life then why not consider a spa break in London?  Although it may seem odd to choose such a busy and vibrant city as a place to relax, the spa facilities in London are almost [...]

London romantic lifestyle 2013

Whether you’re living love’s young dream, or an old married couple, London is an ideal city for a romantic break. With world famous sights like St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace forming the backdrop, a romantic vacation in London will remain in your memory – and your heart – for years to come. [...]