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How tourists can stay safe when heading to the beach in Ocean City in Maryland

Tourists taking a trip abroad with their family need to ensure they know what they are doing when it comes to beach safety. A wonderful place such as Ocean City is the ideal vacation spot for travellers, but this US resort town in Maryland has a beach that requires tourists to know about safety regulations. [...]

rainy day

Rainy days are inevitable in a number of popular holiday locations in the world, but there are usually plenty of things that tourists can do to pass the time in bad weather. The weather in Vancouver can unfortunately become colder, but in those situations travellers need not worry about finding things to do. There is [...]

Best Swimming Pools Suitable for Kids in London

London is an ideal place to go along with your kids as it offers many kids-friendly facilities, attractions and things to do. One of its offerings is swimming pools that are fully equipped for their safety and for providing proper lessons in swimming.   Kings Cross Bathing Pond: It is a 40 metre fresh water [...]

literary festival

Why tourists must try out the top Gibraltar International Literary Festival in November

Fans of literature will adore heading to the excellent four-day Gibraltar International Literary Festival this year. The annual event is a great way to discover a range of new titles and meet some exciting authors who will be talking about their books. This popular event will be held in November and it offers top international [...]

Chelsea football stadium

Why travellers should definitely venture to Chelsea Stadium for a special football tour

Travellers heading to Chelsea must make a trip to its legendary football stadium that is famous around the world. Sports fans can get a treat by heading to the wonderful Stamford Bridge stadium. Chelsea Football Club has been around since 1905 and based at this top stadium since it began life. The stadium was created [...]

The Attractions & Movies In Central London

London is filled with a variety of attractions. Due to the ease of access, the central part of the city is always best place to check out for accommodation. However, besides checking out attractions, London is also known for its culture and entertainment. The Regal cinema or Odeon Marble Arch will thus be a great [...]

Sitting Back and Watching A Movie

For many people, straight from childhood, there is an automatic association that the prospect of going to the cinema yields, which is with the many memories associated with these enjoyable visits; be they to watch the blockbuster or to just to pass any surplus or idle time by watching any movie that kindled any figment [...]

The best of cinema at the Coronet

The Coronet was built in 1898 to function as a theatre, but nowadays is better known for being a venue to enjoy the classic experience of old-fashioned cinema. Its striking decor reflects Edwardian grandeur at its best with opulent seating and a royal elegance, which reflects the fact why King Edward VII was a regular [...]

London Travel Card Prices 2015

Got a flight from or to Heathrow airport hot on your heels?Take a look at some of our favourite options from getting to and from London and wherever else you need to be, to make your life a little easier!Don’t waste money on taxis getting everywhere. The London Underground is very easy to navigate once [...]

Combine walking with exploring London for a great experience

A lot of people join gyms and all different types of health classes to lose weight. But, most of the people forget a simple fact that this weight can be lost by a simple task of walking and that too for free. People need to stop using cars and bikes to travel short distances and [...]