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From Chewing to Rolling and Now Juicing

It is believed that tobacco originated in The Americas and was first reported upon around six thousand years ago. As with any type of foliage, people would chew and test whether this was just another edible plant. It isn’t, as it has always been unpleasant to swallow. But that didn’t put people off as the [...]

Delving into Rate Parity and What it Can Do for You

When starting your own hotel, it is difficult to grasp the jargon that needs to be understood to effectively bring your business to its full potential. Even when setting up your website, you need to be familiar with the term SEO to ensure that your website is compatible to allow your website to be featured [...]

Be Strong With Your SEO

Google is the most used search engine in the world and what company wouldn’t want to be top of the search results list? With websites, a must have for striving businesses these days the key to bringing in more and more traffic to your site is focused on your SEO. Syncing your website with the [...]


October in London Brings in a Platter of Festivity

October is the month to rejoice in London. With October arrives the Frieze Art Fair in the town. Then the Joan Rivers take the centre stage at the Royal Albert Hall and it is attended by Prince Charles. There are several other auspicious events to make merry and celebrate the season of ecstasy. Here are [...]