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Halloween Events for the brave hearts in London

It’s finally that time of the year to let loose all that fun and spooks you have been longing to participate in. what better way than to join in and actively participate at some of the top Halloween events that take place all over the city. However, don’t tell that we did not warn you [...]

London – A Shopper’s Paradise

London is a dream destination for any individual with an appetite for shopping. Be it antiques, clothes, food items, or decorative displays, there is something instore for everyone and everyone can find something that interests them. Depending on where you choose to stay, every popular spot has proximity to London best attractions, especially a famous [...]

Attractions Galore For History Enthusiasts In London

London has a chequered and glorious history that dates back to the Roman occupation and covering the period when it dominated nearly half the world with its colonial rule. There are many places, landmarks and museums in London that exhibit remnants of the past and of its achievements and shortcomings and historians along with other [...]

5 Best Nightclubs that you should visit in London

London is popularly known for being a cornucopia of pleasurable attributes which tends to entertain the mind and attention of every single visitor who has been planning this trip since a long time. If you love the idea of clubbing then you should look forward to visit some of the most popular night clubs in [...]

Useful Tips For Visiting London

London has an aura of its own that draws visitors from all over the world to see its plethora of attractions and experience its various offerings. In view of the fact that there is so much to see and to do and because of the surge of tourists and variable weather conditions, it is necessary [...]

Amazing Historic Sites That Tourists Have To Visit When They Are In The City Of London

London offers a range of wonderful attractions that include incredible buildings that tourists will marvel at during their trip to the city. One of the best is Southwark Cathedral that is a Gothic building with a stunning interior. This amazing house of worship was used by famous people including writers Chaucer and Shakespeare, as well [...]

How to Make the Most of a Day’s Stay at London

London is a vast metropolis and it is home to an incredibly large number of must-see attractions and many other places of interest. Such is the magnitude of the number of places worth visiting that a first-time tourist can easily get confused as to which places to visit, particularly if he is in the city [...]

The Hidden Secrets Of The Infamous King Cross!

Planning to spend the New Year in London? How about a short trip to the King Cross! Even though there are so many places to see in London the only place that draws millions of people from all over the world is the King Cross station. Ever since the release of the harry potter books [...]

Two Idyllic Spots For Afternoon Tea in London

There’s nothing like making the most of a little bit of a weekend away and there’s nowhere that offers quite such as a quintessentially enjoyable getaway as the wonderful city of London. A truly ideal spot for your next swift stay or getaway. Staying Offering a world of great things to do and some amazing [...]

Head to the Excellent Horniman Carnival to Celebrate the Music and Theatre of Brazil

Travellers heading to London will want to see more than just the city’s major landmarks and sights. Tourists venturing here can head to a number of excellent events held annually in the capital. A great occasion in September is the Horniman Carnival that promises an amazing day of dance, concerts and carnival performances. This event [...]