Best food spots in London to cure a hangover

London is a fun city to explore and comes to second to none in terms of tourist attractions, shopping entertainment and cultural extravaganza. It is this combination of factors that make it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. If you plan a holiday this summer then London is the city to holiday in!

If you book in advance you could even manage to get some great hotel discounts. If you are looking for hotel deals Kensington London is the place to find hotels that are reasonably priced, while offer premium facilities.

One such fine boutique hotel is the London Premier Kensington Hotels on Hogarth Road. It offers the finest in luxury and customer service, while offering an affordable price. And it is close to some of the best nightclubs in the city, the perfect place to party all night long. Just in case you party a tad bit too much and are all wrung out in the morning no issue! There are some great places to grab a bite in London, which is the best way to beat a hangover in the morning. Some of the spots are:

Dip n Flip: When you are feeling the after party blues in the morning you need something that titillates the taste-buds, to make you feel better. One such great place to enjoy a soothing breakfast is Dip n Flip who cook a mean cheese burger, while garnishing it with an ample offering of gravy. You could choose from dipped, double dipped or soaked depending upon your preference. It is a sure fire way to beat the blues on a hungover morning. They can be found at a variety of locations Wimbledon, Brixton, Battersea and Tooting.

Dumpling Shack: Another great cure for a hangover is a plate of Chinese dumplings and they certainly do not make them better than those found at Dumpling Shack in Broadway Market. These succulent pleated bundles of joy some in a variety of fillings like braised beef, crab or pork, depending upon what you fancy.

Sticky Wings: To sample the best buffalo wings in town visit Brick Lane’s Sticky Wings. They are specialists in the delicacy and probably make the best of its kind in the city. It is doused in a classic sauce of their own, which you can complement with a blue cheese dip. While there make it a point to try their Orange Buffalo!

Blacklock in Soho: When it comes to the finest roasts to be had in London Blacklock Soho is right up there with the leaders. Large sumptuous blocks of meat that are roasted to perfection over English Oak that gives it its own signature flavour that is accompanied with Cauliflower cheese, bone marrow gravy,  potatoes and giant Yorkies! Could not get any yummier!

Kappacasein: It is a known tried and tested method that a terrific toasted cheese sandwich can cure almost anything. And that is exactly what Kappacasein excel in with their three-way cheese and onions. Apart from them the only other serious contenders for this treat are Grill my Cheese and The Cheese Truck guys!

Meatliquor: While there a number of top class burger joint in London, one of the best to have mastered the art of the spicy burger is Meatliquor, which offers the same top notch buger at any of its many locations in London. The secret lies in their labour-intensive method of preparation with no compromise in terms of quality and ingredients used. The result the finest burger to savour on a bleak morning!

Bleecker St Burger: Continuing in the tradition of fine burger joints in London is the Bleecker Black, which is undoubtedly in contention for the title of ‘best burger in London’. This masterpiece is made of the finest meat that is cooked to perfection and comes stuffed with excellent cheese and black pudding. Without a doubt out of the greatest burger joints in town!

Duck and Waffle: One of the trendiest places to have a great meal is the Duck and Waffle on top of Heron Tower provided you are up to taking a hair-raising ride to the top. Their signature duck and waffle preparation is an incredibly tasty combination of sweet and salty. The fluffy crisp duck leg has a generous helping of maple syrup sauce which makes it simply delectable.

Tayyabs:  One of the best South Asian food joints in the city Tayyabs is the place to have a splendid meal of Pakistani cuisine. Located in East London this grill is well known for their fresh and tasty preparations, which is unmatched in town. You will see succulent seekh kebabs with a sprinkling of herbs, glistening and sizzling lamb chops, their lovely tinda masala and an assortment of other delicacies. A sure fire way to cure for a hangover!

FM Mangal: Continuing in the tradition of kebab delicacies Fm Mangal on Camberwell Church Street offers a sublime lamb adana wrap that is simply addictive. Place an order in the takeaway area and you will get a finely minced meat kebab that is cooked to perfection on an old school charcoal grill, accompanied with char-grilled veggies, salad, warped in a thin layer of bread. Simply heavenly, have one and you are bound to be hooked!

Silk Road: One of the best ways to beat a hangover is by having a dish that is rich in carbs. So head out to Silk Road also on Camberwell Church Street, and place an order for a plate (midde/big) of piping hot chicken broth. Its anis gravy will have a therapeutic effect while your carbs quota is sure to be met with massive chunks of potato and finely made noodles, which are light yet filling and cooked to perfection. You can order for a top-up to make it a more satisfying experience.

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