A Matter of Time: Is Laser Hair Removal Forever?

An increasingly popular alternative to shaving and waxing certain areas of the body, laser hair removal is a quick, relatively pain-free and affordable treatment that many people are looking at and turning to in order to ensure specific parts of their bodies are without hair, for longer.
But just how much longer? Available as a procedure delivered by a skilled technician (a specialist who’s also likely to be able to perform skin tag removal via laser), the treatment certainly staves off having to worry about hair regrowth – but for just how long…?

What exactly is laser hair removal?

A clever method of hair removal that combines advanced science and technology, laser hair removal deploys a light beam to target individual hair follicles by locating the pigment in the follicles; from here, the beam then locates the root of the follicle in the skin and destroys the follicle at this point, which ensures no hair is able to grow from the root (unlike when a hair is shaved or waxed, after which the hair always eventually grows back). Usually, it will take several sessions of treatment to complete the procedure and make sure no hair will be able to return.

Is the treatment’s result forever?

As mentioned, hair follicle removal via laser – when done right and a course of treatment is completed – is a permanent procedure. However, while specific hair follicles won’t grow back once they’ve been targeted by laser, other hair follicles in the same area will grow (and, therefore, grow back if merely shaved or waxed), unless they’re too targeted by a laser.

Should you find that hair is growing again in the area, then it’s not like you’re restricted from having more laser hair removal treatment to remove the new hair growth. Indeed, depending on the type of laser treatment (and the ability of the technician), there’s a possibility the laser treatment may not remove some light or short hairs, so in this scenario, further laser treatment may be your best bet.

Is laser hair removal always permanent?

Should the hair removal via a laser beam remove entire hair follicles, those specific follicles will never grow back – so the treatment, in that definitive sense, is always permanent. As noted above, should the laser treatment largely damage – rather than totally destroy – some follicles, then those follicles will, in time, likely grow back and require further treatment at the likes of a laser clinic Bolton.

How long those damaged but not destroyed follicles would take to regrow is open to question, though; it would be dependent on an individual’s general hair growth cycle, which would be entirely specific and unique, of course. Moreover, if hair has been shaved, waxed or, indeed, targeted by laser while in its ‘resting phase’ (that is, when it’s yet to break through the skin and so doesn’t appear to be growing), then it’ll inevitably take longer to grow (back) than if it’s visible above the skin.

Generally speaking, hair in the area that’s been damaged and not destroyed by laser is likely to grow back within several months, so this is when you should think about maybe booking another laser hair removal treatment. In any case, to make sure you’re happy and know what to expect from any prospective treatment, you should seek to discuss the intended procedure with the laser hair removal technician before your first session – and, naturally, to make sure you’re happy with them actually performing the procedure for you.

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