9 ways to wear layered necklace like a pro


Torn between that new gold pendant necklace you just bought on sale and your beloved bar necklace? Oh, we’ve been there – trust us. So, why not layer up your necklaces?

If you’ve already mastered the art of stacking rings, layered necklaces are the next logical chapter in your fashion journey. To ensure you capture the perfect style for you, here are 9 ways to wear layered necklaces like a pro.

1. Keep things simple

When you layer your necklaces, always remember the number one golden rule; keep the rest of your outfit pared back. Avoid multi-layering your necklaces with a patterned dress or shirt. Same goes for ruffles and textured clothing – it’s too busy.

2. Something old, something new

Something old, something new

What better way to rejuvenate older chains than by layering them with new pieces! You can also rescue older pendants and charms by affixing them to a brand new gold vermeil necklace. Now that’s what we call upcycled!

3. Mix longer chains with high necks

Pair opera length chains with a turtleneck to cut an intriguing shape. This is the perfect way to dress up a sombre office outfit. Drape a naval-skimming gold pendant necklace paired with a choker or bar necklace. As we already said, make sure that your chosen dress or top is pattern-free!

4. Add a splash of vintage

Layer vintage opera chains and beaded necklaces to create a look that is ladylike and antique. Mix up a necklace with jewel with aVictorian silhouette and some black onyx beads or lace detail. Pearls will also look sensational in this look, particularly if the rest of the pieces are black. Borrow from your older relatives to master this look – that way it’s the real deal.

5. Works like a charm

Layer charm necklaces to curate a layered effect that hints at a story. That means create a theme with your choices of layered charms. For example, achieve a breezy marine look with turquoise, aquamarine and a lapis lazuli bar necklacemixed with seashell charms. Or, layer moon, sun and star motifs.

6. Away with the fairies

Work a romantic boho look with layers of beads, tassels and feathers. Scout out chains that have ethnic patterns and use earthy colours. Take inspiration from Mother Nature herself.

7. Pair a lariat with a choker

Both lariat and choker necklaces look stunning when worn solo their own. But bring them together and that’sthe wow factor! Try a gold vermeil necklace that clasps your throat, with a tumble of lariat chains cascading beneath it. This style is perfect for a glamorous occasion.

Pair a lariat with a choker

8. Raise the volume

Add some texture to your layered look and mix up chunky necklaces with slender chains. Throw on a delicate necklace with ajewel and add beaded princess chains or a wide collar. This look is perfect for a festival or night out in town.

9. Nice and knitted

On a chilly day, snuggle up in a chunky knit and dangle two or three delicate pendants. The contrast between the cosy wool and the dainty layers will look sensational, and totally effortless.

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