8 Ways to Wear Chokers


Ever since it bounded onto the scene in the 90s, the choker necklace has become a firm favourite for all fashionistas. Today, we’re going to inspire you with 8 fun ways to wear chokers, inspired by the collection from Jewel Tree London.

1.  Layered

Create an eclectic look by layering your choker with a longer necklace. You could pair yours with a gold pendant necklace with a beautiful gem, or choose a lariat chain for a dramatic look. You could even go a step further and drape several chains around your neck. The more you layer, the more neutral you should keep the rest of your outfit.

2.  Minimalist

Choose a simple choker from your favourite women’s jewellery brands and wear it solo. Leave the rest of your accessories at home and let your elegant choker do all the talking. This is perfect for work as well as formal occasions.

3.  Sparkling


For a formal do, you could choose an eye-catching diamond-studded choker necklace. Diamonds (or other precious gems) clasped around your neck will add a gleam to your eyes and make your hair and skin shine as well! After all, they do say a diamond is a girl’s best friend for a reason.

4.  Bohemian

We usually associate boho jewellery trends with long, sweeping necklaces. However, don’t be fooled! Even the choker can lend itself to the hippy look. Choose a choker with an earth-inspired texture. We love this Forest Cuffnecklace from the Jewel Tree London which brings a romantic touch to your ensemble. Team it with a floaty dress or loose blouse to finalise the look.

5.  Lace

Ladylike lace looks elegant and refined and is an unusual choice for a choker. It will coordinate perfectly with a light summer dress for a garden party or BBQ. This is also a stylish choice ofchoker necklacefor a wedding, particularly if you are wearing a strapless or sweetheart-neck gown.

6.  Geometric

If your choker has a geometric pattern, mix things up and wear it with contrasting shapes to create a modern look that intrigues the eye. For example, team a silhouette gold pendant necklace with your most contemporary choker.

7.  Bold Metalic

Bold Metalic

If you’re feeling brave enough, choose a thick metallic band that hugs the entire neck. Experiment with different levels of thickness at leading women’s jewellery brands to ensure you find a comfortable fit. Choose a simple band in either gold or silver and wear your hair back to add even more impact.

8.  Charm

If you want to dabble with a choker but are addicted to your gold pendant necklace, you can choose a choker with a charm. This is a great way to communicate your personal style and personality as well. You could choose an elegant choker chain and then attach your charm separately to make it more personal to you. And now you have 8 ways to wear chokers! We hope you feel inspired.

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