8 ways to style drop earrings

8 ways to style drop earrings

Do you want to know why all women’s jewellery brands adore creating drop earrings? Because they are just as much fun to style as they are to design and craft!

Drop earrings come in so many different shapes and sizes. Many styles are subtle enough to wear to work. Some are best saved for special occasions. Meanwhile, others are bold enough to skyrocket your ensemble to the next level!

Check out the best 8 ways to style drop earrings.

1.  Sparkles

If you have a formal occasion coming up, pair your cocktail dress or gown with a pair of glistening precious or semi-precious drop earrings. The longer the drop, the more the jewels will shimmer and shine. Diamonds, emeralds, green onyx, lapis lazuli – the world is your oyster. We love the variety of gemstones available at the Jewel Tree.

2.  Solo


The single earring trend has taken the catwalk by storm this year. This is an exciting way to style your boldest, biggest earrings. As an alternative, you could always pop in one of your favourite small stud earrings into your other ear.

3.  Modern


If you like to keep your fashion slick and contemporary, a pair of geometric drop earrings will suit your style. Pick up a pair of unique silver earrings with a stylish black onyx studded into the chain. They’ll work with any outfit in your wardrobe and transition perfectly from day to evening wear.

4.  Feminine

Do you love floaty skirts, cute camisoles and ballet pumps? In that case, reach for a feminine pair of drop earrings. Seek out floral patterns, pastel shades and kitsch charms. If you have multiple piercings, add a pair of small stud earrings with pretty gemstones or pearls.

5.  Bold

Channel the swingin’ 60s with a large pair of chunky drop earrings in bright primary colours such as orange, yellow or red. Team them with a mini dress and a wide headband – and don’t forget your groovy shades! If you opt for this look, keep the rest of your accessories pared back and let your earrings do the work.

6.  Minimalist


Keep your look light and breezy with a pair of minimalist earrings and leave the rest of your jewellery at home. Choose a simple pair of chain earrings that are lightweight and have an unusual design element. These fetching Baori earrings from the Jewel Tree will do the trick perfectly!

7.  Boho

The bohemian look is perfect for summer and autumn. Choose a pair of unique silver earrings garnished with feathers, tassels or ethnic patterns. Hoops can also create a beautifully-boho image. Slide into a maxi dress, floaty blouse or crocheted poncho for a romantic, dreamy look.

8.  Vintage

If you have a pair of earrings received as a family heirloom, don’t lock them away in your jewellery box! Sweep your hair back and apply a slick of red lipstick to capture that old-age charm.
Now you have plenty of inspiration, all you need to do is find your perfect pair of earrings from your favourite women’s jewellery brands.

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