7 Pieces of Jewellery You Should Own By Age 30

As you journey through your 20s you will discover that your sense of personal style changes as you discover what you feel most comfortable wearing. This applies to jewellery and clothing alike as your tastes mature. As you move away from fast-fashion you’ll probably feel more inspired to purchase top quality handmade jewellery.

Here are 7 pieces of jewellery that you should own by age 30. Once you have these items in your collection we assure you that they will never go out of style.

1. Onyx Jewellery

Onyx Jewellery-Jewel-Tree-London

Onyx is a rare, beautiful and durable stone that will provide you with decades of wear. It offers protection and transforms any negative energy into positivity, so an onyx necklace can serve as an amulet. However, you can find onyx used in all different types of jewellery pieces.

2. Pearl Necklace

If there’s one thing Audrey Hepburn taught us it’s that pearls have a place in every girl’s life. A ladylike strand of pearl looks sensational with a black cocktail dress and adds a touch of class. If pearls are out of your price bracket you can buy faux-pearls and they are equally beautiful and nobody will be able to tell the difference.

3. Diamond Studs

Another timeless classic, a pair of diamond studs are an essential addition for formal outings in your 30s. If you choose a set that isn’t too large you can wear them to work events, weddings, cocktail parties and formal dinners alike. Diamonds are not the cheapest stone on the market so you might want to add this to your birthday wishlist or keep an eye on deals at your favourite handmade jewellery shop.

4. Geometric Drop Earrings

Geometric Drop Earrings

Geometric jewellery is a refreshingly modern style and is something that you will wear throughout your thirties. These designs flatter work and daywear outfits and are versatile enough to wear with a number of changing trends. Pick up some elegant green onyx earrings and you’ll find that you rarely take them out.

5. Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are a chic addition to your daily outfit. You can choose to stack your existing rings but for the most coherent style, you can buy sets of stack rings from your local handmade jewellery store.

6. Statement Ring

Statement Ring

As you approach your thirties, you’ll find that you prefer to wear fewer pieces of jewellery that are of higher quality. So another must-have is a deluxe statement ring that you can fall back on to light up your outfit. Consider an evocative green onyx ring that may be worn during the day as well as for evening events.

7. Charm Bracelet

We can’t forget about your wrists as you approach your thirties. Invest in a charm bracelet before you turn 30 and then you can enjoy adding new tokens to it as you travel through the decade. This is a special way to record how your personal experiences shape you and keep mementoes from your encounters.

Now that you know what type of jewellery you should own before you turn 30, we urge you to start building your collection.




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