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Is Laser Hair Removal Really Worth It?

Laser hair removal treatment has proved itself to be far more robust and long-lasting than other technological fads. From the DVD player to the floppy disc, technological innovation doesn’t always last long before something comes to replace it. However, laser hair removal has passed the first hurdle of surviving and evolving since 1997. It’s no [...]

A Little-Known, Interesting Area in the Heart of London

London is a vast metropolis which spreads over a large area but most of its attractions and other places of interest are concentrated in and around central London which is naturally quite congested and busy all the time. Many people like to avoid the hustle and bustle of this area and find some quiet retreats [...]

Rest and Relax

Finding the Best R&R in London

London is a city well known for fast-paced lifestyles. Just take a look at the rush hour peak times in the city and you’ll be faced with a London full to the brim with people stretched for time. If you had a penny for every person on the tube checking their watch, you’d no doubt [...]

Places you mustn’t miss near King’s College, London

King’s College London or KCL is popular and public research university for students in London and abroad and is a constituent college affiliated to the famous University of London. The area surrounding the college is a wonderland for not only students, but also tourists owing to several landmarks close by. Built in the 19th century, [...]


Top 10 Reasons to Visit London

London is one of the most momentous cities in the world from the entertainment, culture, history, influence, business and sheer savoir faire viewpoint. London is an exhilarating place which offers enthralling experience. London is a sundry and electrifying city which offers some of the best things to see and attractions in the world. Why you [...]