Visit London’s lesser-known museums


South Kensington’s popular trio of museums – The V&A, The Natural History and the Science Museum are well known to arts and cultural buffs visiting London. Then, of course, there is the British Museum probably the most famous of all the museums. In fact, London is a treasure trove when it comes to world-class museums making them magnets for museum lovers to visit. They cover every conceivable topic and theme that cater to diverse interests and preferences of visitors of all age groups.

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Some of the lesser-known museums to visit are:

The Sherlock Holmes Museum: Dedicated to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional creation Sherlock Holmes, is the Sherlock Holmes Museum. The character has received worldwide acclaim with legions of fans descending from corners to London and keen to visit 221B Baker Street, that is the fictitious home of Holmes. The museum is a recreation of Holmes’ home with Victorian-era furnishings and design and props from that era. There even is a makeshift laboratory with scientific equipment, Sherlock’s violin and many other signature items purportedly used by the detective. The staff take on roles of Victorian characters like Mrs Hudson, policemen etc. that lends an air of authenticity to the place. The perfect place to travel back in time to Sherlock Holmes’ Age, if you are a fan!

The Cinema Museum: It is located in Lambeth and opened in 1984. It features the collection of movie memorabilia of Martin Humphries and Ronald Grant. It is located in a workhouse in Lambeth that has a historical movie link to one of the greatest movie stars of all time – Charlie Chaplin. This was the location where Charlie and his mum stayed when they were going through financially challenging times. The exhibits include movie posters, movie productions items including projectors and an assortment of other items all related to films and film making. The archive has an incredible 17 million reels of film and art deco furnishings from the early days of movies.

Victoria and Albert Children’s Museum: Located in Bethnal Green, the V&A Children’s museum features various exhibitions that showcase numerous exhibits made specifically for kids. It is a part of the V&A in South Kensington. The material used to create the displayed items are from the remnants of the V&A at South Kensington. It displays items from across the centuries and also has several interactive exhibits that engage the kids. These include toys from medieval England, The Victorian era to contemporary times including the very popular Ken and Barbie Dolls.

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