Reasons To Visit London In The Fall

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Adventure and beauty are the two bedrocks of the London city which remains inseparable from its identity. Being the cultural capital, this city has something in reserve for everyone. In the autumn season, it becomes even more colorful and one should definitely not miss a trip to the London during this season. Let us explore some key reasons for visiting London in the fall.

Parks & Gardens

London is an abode of natural beauty and picturesque locations. If you are visiting here in the fall season, you can’t miss out on the lush green parks. Certainly, a troll down the beautiful parks of London can sweep away your stress & anxiety. If you are a wildlife lover, then Richmond Park can be a perfect place for spending peaceful time in the lap of nature. The park is home to the species of deer who add to the beauty of the place. Sky Garden and Greenwich Park are some other popular parks of London which become even more worth visiting in the autumns.

Bonfire Night

Isn’t it a spectacular scene when the entire sky gets lit up by the fireworks? Well, the city of London lives this dream ever year in the month of November. Bonfire night, which is also called as Fireworks Night, has an historical importance attached to it. It marks the gunpowder plot of the year 1605 which has become an unerasable part of the history. London city celebrates this day with a lot of zeal. From the Wembley Park and Crystal Palace to the Alexandra Palace and Victoria Park, many popular destinations of the city host the firework festival on the night of November 5. This is another experience which you can add to your London travel diary by visiting the city during the fall season.

Big Ben & Westminster

Your London trip is incomplete if you haven’t visited the popular tower of Big Ben. Situated in the northern direction from the Westminster Palace, this clock tower is a most sought after tourist attractions. Westminster Palace is just at a walking distance from the Big Ben and an evening stroll around this palace can lit up your mood. One can find many reputed hotels such as Montcalm Hotel London in this area.

Festival Season

Autumn season marks the beginning of many festivals in London. From the remembrance day to the Christmas, one can relish the joyous celebrations of the city in the fall. The lit up sky and lively streets will make your trip worth remembering.

Thames River

The sunrise along the riverside can be the most magnificent view. It can restore your inner peace as well as sweep away all the negativity from your life. Many people enjoy the boat ride along the Thames during the autumn season. It is also one f the most romantic destination of London where couples relish their togetherness in the cruise. The cruise takes them past the famous spots of London such as Westminster, London Tower, and the London Eye.

West End Shows

If you have planned your stay in the city suites hotel of London, you just need to travel for an hour to reach the West End. In the autumns, one can watch the most popular musical and theatre shows at the cheapest price. All you need to do is book your Westend shows tickets beforehand as the pre-bookings start way ahead of the season.

Most of the travelers get overwhelmed with happiness after visiting London. The city exhibits a unique confluence of serenity and joy. London visit in the fall is considered even more special due to the blooming nature and festive atmosphere.  Hence, if you are planning to visit this place in the autumns, don’t forget to include the above-mentioned events in your travel plan.

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