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London’s Offerings for Animal Lovers

If you are an animal lover you will find plenty of furry friends, both big and small, in London at places such as the ones mentioned below. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium: Located in Shoreditch, this simple venue is meant for cat lovers as they can enjoy hot drinks and snacks while they are in the [...]

The neighbourhood of Chelsea is a shoppers’ haven

London is among the best shopping destinations in the world. Its famous shopping streets, markets and department stores are famous the world over for the extensive shopping experience they offer. One such location in London is the well-heeled location of Chelsea renowned for its eclectic choice of independent stores, the best of fashion, boutiques and [...]

Gibraltar Nature Reserve

Visiting Gibraltar’s museums

While Gibraltar may be titch sized, it has a colourful and complex history. The country houses a number of fine museums where visitors can learn about the history and culture of the place. There are some very interesting artefacts to explore in Gibraltar’s museums. Visitors to the country will find a select number of places to [...]