London’s Offerings for Animal Lovers

richmond park

If you are an animal lover you will find plenty of furry friends, both big and small, in London at places such as the ones mentioned below.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium: Located in Shoreditch, this simple venue is meant for cat lovers as they can enjoy hot drinks and snacks while they are in the company of felines whom they can stroke, watch or play with. However, it is necessary to book a time slot in advance as only limited guests are admitted so that the 12 resident cats are not disturbed.

Hampstead Heath: This alfresco spot allows you to swim, enjoy a picnic, and cruise. You can also see bats, deer and harmless grass snakes. The Heath is also home to the free-to-enter Golders Hill Park where you can spot eagle owls, ring-tailed lemurs, coatis and many other exotic animals.

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London Wetland Centre: Located in West London, this centre contains an aquatic ecosystem made up of four Victorian-era reservoirs that are meant for its resident otters, bats, birds and different types of reptiles and amphibians. It gives a completely immersive experience, particularly if you visit during the otter’s feeding time.

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London Aquarium: You can get an experience of snorkelling with sharks in an ocean and you can watch awesome creatures such as crocodiles, rays and piranhas behind glass quite safely.

Richmond Park: This is the best place in London to watch red and fallow deer moving around in their natural habitat.

Hackney City Farm: At this place, you can see farmland animals such as donkeys, geese, pigs, sheep, calves, chickens, guinea pigs and more. Besides, you can take part in gardening courses or even get married here.

Natural History Museum: This museum has the largest collection of bugs and an amazing collection of spiders, butterflies and other insects. Its Wildlife Garden is open between April and October where you can see birds, foxes and sheep.

Battersea Park: The Children’s Zoo at this park presents bearded lizards from Australia, rat snakes from the American desert, and short-clawed otters from Asia. The zoo also has breeding programmes for endangered species.

London Zoo: This large, popular zoo has many enclosures including the Tiger Territory, the Gorilla Kingdom, the Butterfly Paradise and the recently expanded Penguin Paradise. New arrivals at the zoo are keenly followed on its YouTube channel which also promotes its conservation work that concentrates on restricting extinction of animals and conserving natural habitats.

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