Top tips for getting the best hotel service

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When travelling to the UK, you may be after some top notch service from your hotel. It is all those little touches that make your stay that bit more enjoyable. Room service, for instance, or the reception staff remembering your name. Travelling with kids? It is great when they talk to your children and maybe even provide them with a goodie bag.

But there is a certain way to go about receiving this great service, which we look at here:


Set Realistic Expectations

Don’t expect a 5 star service from a 1 star hotel. You should set your expectations to the right level. The reception staff are there to welcome you and make you feel special, but not at the expense of other guests. Consider the rating of the hotel and its reputation before you demand anything of your hotel staff.

Pick the right hotel

You need to do your research when it comes to getting the right hotel. For instance, if you are looking at staying in Cambridge accommodation, do a Google search before you pick anywhere.

When using the internet, use a combination of keywords to start your search. Try ‘hotels cambridge or ‘luxury accommodation Cambridge’ to yield the best hotels in the area. Then, look on sites like Tripadvisor to see what some recent reviewers thought of the place. Rather than taking the last person’s word for it, try and get a general sense of the property and look at all the reviews.

Speak to the hotel

You can call the hotel directly to get a better feel of what they are like there. If they don’t answer the phone, perhaps they are a disorganised hotel. If the person seems grumpy, perhaps they aren’t as attentive as you would like.

Book directly

In many cases, booking directly can get you the best price. For instance, if looking at Cambridge hotels. The Tamburlaine hotel is one of the finest in the area. If you call them, you can ask them about their loyalty programme and perhaps get a better deal than if you were to book through a hotel site. You can also specify any extras you would like. Maybe it is a romantic stay, so you could ask them for a bottle of champagne in the room on arrival. These small touches are something a lot of hotels will be pleased to do, but isn’t offered by others, so it is always wise to call ahead beforehand and double check that it is something they can do for you.

Remember that these hotels want your business, and should cater to your requests. As long as you are polite, have realistic expectations and do your research, you should have a pleasant stay.

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