Halloween Events for the brave hearts in London

It’s finally that time of the year to let loose all that fun and spooks you have been longing to participate in. what better way than to join in and actively participate at some of the top Halloween events that take place all over the city. However, don’t tell that we did not warn you in advance. These events are only for the brave hearted who don’t puke or worse still faint at the very first sight of spooky, creepy and weird things.

There will be a whole lot of hair-raising and goosebumps that you will experience with these top Halloween events. This year Halloween falls on a Tuesday on 31st October. Refresh yourself at the Montcalm Hotels and be prepared for rounds of Halloween fun and fright. Read on to know more about when and where you can join them in the Halloween fun.

Newburgh Quarter:

This year’s Halloween, the Newburgh Quarter shop which is located on Carnaby Street is being converted into the Quarter of Curiosity Shop. Enter into the world of ghostly frights as you get to watch first hand, the making of the ghostly Halloween clothes to be worn upside down, pumpkin lanterns, cocktail portions, and lots more. They also let you into the secrets and the ways to master all that Halloween makes up and costumes to spook the largest number of people.

They are all set to host their special Halloween fright night event on October 26th, 2017. It will be held from 5 pm to 9 pm. The Quarter of Curiosity Shop is located at Newburgh Quarter in Soho.

The Dulwich Picture Gallery:

Come face to face with death at the Dulwich Picture gallery. There are pictures, portraits and paintings of death all over the walls of this gallery. Try not to faint as you look at these ghastly death images all around. While you are here, also visit the Mausoleum where the founders of this museum are buried. Go on ghost walks, eat at the death cafes, visit wicked salons, tour around the workshop and take souvenirs along with you.

The Dulwich Picture Gallery is located at the Dulwich Village.

Screenings of the film ‘teeth’:

The horror film ‘teeth’ is being screened at the Book Club which is located in Shoreditch. This film portrays sets of fangs sprouting out from a woman’s vagina. It exhibits the feminine parts with all the gory details. After watching the film, you can gather up for a Q& A session with Amanda Digioia who is an expert on feminism and horror. The proceeds goes towards the establishment of the world’s first Vagina Museum.

Deadly Halloween Disco Party:

This deadly Halloween disco party is all set to get you raving to scary Halloween beat music about thirty-five floors high above the bustling city streets of London. This party is an all-nighter which gets you grooving to live music of the Soul Jets music band and other lively numbers played by the disco’s DJ. Dance past the witching hour and sip on some of the special drinks featured on the Sky Pod Bar’s menu.

This Halloween party night will be held at Sky Garden located at Aldgate from 27th October to 28th October.

Occult Night at the Kings Head Members club:

Listen to horror stories and participate in all the occult practices at the Kings Head Members Club. It is a private Hackney Club for members. They have a special dress code where you can dress up as clowns in cravats, wicked looking devils, terrors, mummies and others of the kind. Book your accommodations at a 5-star hotel in London so that you can dress up and then relax after your night of Halloween fun.

Join the carnage and the witches group celebrate Halloween the special way at the Kings Head Members club located at Hoxton.

Pumpkin Carving at the Fortnum & Mason’s:

Carve out your very own pumpkin lantern for your front porch this Halloween at the Fortnum & Mason’s with friends. Do it with fun and Halloween cheer all around you. You will find the activity very engaging and exciting. Show off your skills with a knife and a blade as you carve out designs, and decorations to hang up on Halloween’s eve. Don’t worry if you have no idea how to go about it. They have host special pumpkin carving classes and you can be a pro very soon while you enjoy the many Montcalm special offers during your stay in the city.

Treat yourself to Halloween snacks at the Gail’s Bakery:

What better way than to bite into delicious gory looking snacks on Halloween’s eve. Follow the British tradition of making your very own Halloween snacks. There are several classes all over the city that teaches you how to make your Halloween snacks and design them to look wicked and spooky. From gingerbread cookies to biscuits, chips, and cakes with ice creams and lots more.

You get the opportunity to stand and watch how these Halloween snacks are made. It starts from 26th October to 29th October.

Dark arts, mystic, and magic at the Warner Bros Studio:

The Warner Bros Studio is a treat for Harry Potter fans in the city. Walk around the eerie surroundings of various Harry Potter scenes and gaze up at the floating pumpkin lit lanterns and candles suspended in mid-air. Feast at the banqueting tables where Harry Potter and his friends ate in the movies. Watch the reenactment of the battle of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.

Museum at Night:

The Museum at Night hosts some of the most thrilling and scary events during the Halloween season. These museums are a delight will special sounds, props and musical effects to create the eerie surroundings and environment. You can attend these Halloween events all over London city. They are held from 26th October to 28th October. To get the best of Halloween events and the season of Halloween visit London’s galleries, attractions, and museums.

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