Visit London Markets for Shopping, Eating and Exploring

Who does not like to shop or eat and explore?  Well, we all do. And if you are planning to visit London, then you must definitely hop in these markets as you go about your planned tour.

London markets are so fulfilling for they sell anything and everything under the sun; from farm fresh organic grocery and dairy supply to exotic cuisine of Ethiopia and India, from dairy products to wine tasting facilities, and what not!

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Markets, Fun and Food in London

The chief London markets to be shopped and eaten from and explored are:

a.    Camden Market

Camden Market is an ideal fashion destination from trend enthusiasts but you would also get to pick up several other knick knacks here; commonly sold articles include: bric- a- brac, crafts and fast food. Located in Camden Town, near the Regent’s Canal, this market is one of the top five popular attractions in London with an average footfall of 250,000 every week.  You could also choose from a wide range of products like gothic and vintage clothing, indie jewellery, souvenirs, tea, and natural cosmetics and so on.

b.     Borough Market

If you are visiting the London Bridge you must definitely not overlook this quaint Borough Market located very close to the London Bridge Station. Once you step out of the station, a captivating aroma of freshly cooked food would guide you inside the market; here, you will go crazy for having to choose from a wide variety of gourmet cheese! Comte, Brie, English Cheddar…you name it and you have it there. Besides, you would also get fresh seafood and even freshly Shucked Irish oysters.

c.     Portobello Market

Portobello Market has eclectic stock to offer the shoppers and it is imperative to explore this quaint market in the early morning. This is because they do not showcase the same commodity every day and this prompts bargainers to rush here as fast as possible. This is a sort of a flea market where you would be digging in a wide variety of vintage fashion line as well as antique furnishing options. You may also check out their website before hitting the market to get updated about their day to day stocks.

d.    Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market is a panorama of colors! It is a boon for surviving a hectic week before, for this a Sunday market with Cockney hawkers calling out to you for selling their exclusive wares. What would you desire to tantalize your olfactory senses, if not freshly cut English lavenders? All photographers and ones with green fingers would go tizzy in happiness and wonder here; because you would not  feel tired to take shots after shots  of this colorful market; neither would be able to decide on which plants and seeds to buy from the diverse options.

e.    Spitalfields Market

If you have loved the Camden Market, you are sure to be smitten with Spitalfields Market as well. This one too has wide ranged options of vintage, antique and fashion commodities. And of course you will get lip smacking burgers with fries and pudding along with numerous drinks to wash them down. Fast food joints and cafes have grown up like mushrooms in this market.

f.      KERB Camden Market

KERB Camden Market is just juxtaposed the apparel shopping lane in the Camden Market. This place is a gourmet foodies hunt as here you would be exploring the taste of London street food, especially fusion food.  From fusion Mac n Cheese and fusion Tacos to chorizos and halloumi, KERB is sure to knock your taste buds out! Vegans too would be amazed to get so many options for them.

g.    Brick Lane Market

The Brick Lane Market is a haven for offbeat people, especially ones who nurture a knack for bohemian style. This market is perhaps the ‘coolest’ one in the adjacent neighbourhood. You will fall in love with the variety of dream catchers, rustic objects, ornamental mirrors, vintage jackets… (And the list is endless). The Brick Lane walls are richly decorated with graffiti art that you may capture with your lens.

h.    Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market, as the name suggests, is located at Greenwich, known for its maritime historical trend.  So, this particular market is always on time! Here, in this market you will be enchanted by is charismatic demeanor. Located by the River Thames and the Greenwich Park, this market is unparallel among other markets. You would also find the British Clipper ship, Cutty Sark anchored in some direction. Local independent artists and designers would fascinate you with their creativity. If you are very fortunate you would see local musicians performing in the piazza, and if you are extremely lucky you would get to watch spectacular conjuring tricks by magicians.

i.       Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market is located at a unique 19th century piazza where local craftsmen, mostly women display and sell their dainty artistic wares. This again, is a haven for edgy and bohemian- style loving people. Here, you would come across au- naturelle organic handmade soaps and bath fizzes, finely tailored jackets, antique bric- a- brac, crafts, delicious fast food as well as trendy clothes.

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